Literary Awards Finalists for 2014

Children – Toddler to 5

My Kiss Won’t Miss by Lesley Dahlseng, WhetWord Press
Grumpy, The Great Blue Heron by Anita Turnage, Halo Publishing International
The Crew Goes Coconuts! By Carole P. Roman, CreateSpace

Children – Early Reader, age 6 to 8

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece by Sherill S. Cannon, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights, Co.
Rosie Babysits by Lisa Batch, Halo Publishing International
If You Were Me and Lived in Russia by Carole P. Roman, CreateSpace
Hops by Anita Turnage, Halo Publishing International
The Sad Tree And Pronuba by Christina Steiner, Outskirts Press

Children – Young Reader, ages 8 to 12

Thomas Templeton and the Year of the Vivficus by D.W. Spinola, CreateSpace
A Pony for Christmas by Bev Pettersen, Westerhall
My Partner The Ghost by Lisa Schmid, Publish Green

Teen – age 12 to 16

The Beaded Kingdom by Renée Heiss, Character Publishing
ITGIRL4LIFE by Tamara Branch, HeartProject Publishing

Origins Rising by Eric Andreas, CreateSpace

Young Adult – age 15 to 18

Primeval Origins, Paths Of Anguish by Brett Vonsik, Celestial Fury Publishing
Heliocentric by J.W. Lolite,
The Spanish Club by Danielle Burnette, Fine Kennings Press
Elixir by Ted Galdi, Ted Galdi


Chasing The High and the Ecstasy of Coming Down by Nalin Kotari, Nalin Kotari
Our Journey With Prostate Cancer, Empowering Strategies for Patients and Families by Judith Anne Desjardins, Spirit House Publishing
Magical Living by Bob Makransky, Dear Brutus Press


Selling Energy by Mark Jewell, Energy Efficiency Funding Group
Trends, Waves, Windows, & Bubbles by Kenneth J. Thurber Ph.D., Digital Systems Press
Edgy Conversations by Dan Waldschmidt, Next Century Publishing


Genetic Memory by Tim Dunn, Abiding Concepts LLC
Epic of Ahiram: Age of the Seer by Michael Joseph Murano, CandleBright Books
Corryn’s Stone by T. L. Howard, Outskirts Press

Gay/Lesbian & Erotic Novels

Sessions I, Short Stories from an Erotic Mind by Jay D. Heart, Outskirts Press
Walking The Camino Sagrado by Michael Chavez, Regal Crest Enterprises
Out of Hiding by Mia Kerick, Dreamspinner Press

General Fiction/Novel

Exit The Turtle Lady by Cleland Reid, America Star Books
Destructive Justice by Nicholas Frank, Outskirts Press
Jackie by Sam Newsome, Lulu Publishing Services
Finding Flipper Frank by Patrick M. Garry, Kenric Books
Saving Babe Ruth by Tom Swyers, Hillcrest House Publishing


Adrenaline Dominance by Michael E. Platt, M.D., Michael E. Platt, M.D.

Historical Fiction

Reunion, Lee, Lincoln & The American Reunification Treaty by Michael J. Metroke, Outskirts Press
A Season for Ravens by Will Ottinger, Outskirts Press
Totems of September by Robin LaDue & Mary Kay Voss, Book Publishers Network
Tame The Wild Land by Patrick Shannon, Outskirts Press



A Country Doctor Goes To War by Tamara Thayer, Minnesota Heritage Publishing
To Live in Paradise by Cindi McVey, Homebound Publications
Find Gregory St. Amand, What happened to my son? by Beth Harrison St. Amand,
Beth Harrison St. Amand


In the Shadow of Lies by M.A. Adler, She Writes Press
Fleeting Chance by Sherban Young, MysteryCaper Press
Suicide Forest by Jeremy Bates, Ghillinnein Books
Favors and Lies by Mark Gilleo, The Story Plant
Murder She Floats by Stephen Kaminski, Cozy Cat Press

Spirituality & Relationships

A Dream of Shadows, A Novel of Reincarnation by Diana M. DeLuca, Seafield House Publications
A Nation Under Judgment by Richard Capriola, Mill City Publishing
Building Better Humans by David & Lisa Davoust, Robis Publishing


The Cost of Sugar by Angela Brown, America Star Books
From Under the Mulberry Tree by Rashied Ali-Bakari, Outskirts Press



Do Not Worry, Do Not Be Anxious, Do Not Be Afraid by Thomas Lamb, Outskirts Press
Allah Of The Qur’an and the God of the Bible-Are They The Same? By Dr. Thomas G. Brunswick, Outskirts Press
Creation and Creation’s God by Dean Fredrikson, Outskirts Press

Romance Novel

Echoes of Paradise by Deanna Kahler, Rose Petal Publications
A Scandalous Husband by Bev Pettersen, Westerhall Books
Suddenly Real by Destiny Abumchi, Destiny Abumchi

Science Fiction

Heliocentric by J. W. Lolite, CreateSpace
Risen-The Battle For Darracia by Michael Phillip Cash, CreateSpace
The Infinity Program by Richard H. Hardy, Camel Press
The Ocean Of Stars by Angel Rae, Outskirts Press


Self Help

Disaster Handbook by Robert Brown Butler, Joslyn Press
The Beaded Kingdom by Renée Heiss, Character Publishing
Dances With Spirits by Calvin Helin, Premier Digital Publishing


Societal Issues

The Marijuana DUI Handbook by David N. Jolly, Outskirts Press
The Lawyer As Leader by Dr. Artika R. Tyner, American Bar Association
Seminal Emissions by Terry Egli Davis, Outskirts Press

(earlier copyrights)

My Angel Ad Me by John Culver II, CreateSpace
Delta G by David J. Crawford, Gypsy Publications
Centerline by Dave McIntyre,
Narrative LLC


I Get It Now! By Dave McIntyre, Narrative LLC
Fields of War-Battle of Normandy by Robert J. Mueller, French Battlefields
Let’s Scare Mom by Rob Wood, CreateSpace


Worthy Prometheus by Plum McCauley, Indie Book Launcher