Literary Awards Finalists for 2015-2016


Children – Toddler to 5

Where is Sissy? by Robin R. Lowe, Outskirts Press
Outside…Inside by Cindy Helms, Set Free Publishing
She Yelled. I Screamed…She Pulled My Hair! by Tracy Leshay, again Again Books

Children – Early Reader, ages 6 to 8

Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! by Sherill S. Cannon, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency, LLC
A Flag For The Flying Dragon by Carole P. Roman, CreateSpace
Inspector Dewey by Kristen Heimerl, Orange Frazer Press

Children – Young Reader, ages 8 to 12

Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind by Steve Michael Reedy, Balboa Press
Ocean Adventures with Ollie and Mollie by Amy E. Hunleth, Outskirts Press
A Home For Abigail by S. Marriott Cook, Jabberwocky Books

Teen – ages 12 to 16

Community 17, A Dystopian Novella by James Cardona, SJI
Oldenglen by Robin Mason & Michael Mason, Tricklewood Press
A Time To Be Brave by Holly Moulder, White Pelican Press

Young Adult – ages 16 to 18

Drive To June by Khristina Chess, CreateSpace
I’ll Always Be With You by Violetta Armour, iUniverse
When The Music Stops, Dance On by Paddy Eger, Tendril Press


Pilgrim Wheels by Neil Hanson, High Prairie Press
Balls Of Fire by Judy K. King, Envision Editions Limited
Monk Who Drinks Coffee by Banu G. Khan, CreateSpace


Leadership Briefs by Dick Daniels, Beaver’s Pond Press
Hidden Solutions All Around You by Daniel R. Castro, Beartooth Press
American Mojo, Lost and Found by Peter D. Kiernan, Turner Publishing Company


Pokergeist by Michael Phillip Cash, CreateSpace
The Alexandrite by Rick Lenz, Chromodroid Press
Primeval Origins, Light Of Honor by Brett Vonsik, Celestial Fury Publishing


The Gay Detective by Kenneth D. Michaels, La Mancha Press
Clean by Mia Kerick, Young Dudes Publishing

General Fiction/Novel

Amina The Silent One by Fiza Pathan, CreateSpace
Love’s Affliction by Fidelis O. Mkparu, Harvard Square Editions
She’s Gone, A Novel By Joye Emmens, Heart Rock Press
A Girl Like That, A Novel by Mary Flinn, Mary Flinn


The Painful Truth by Lynn R. Webster, M.D., Webster Media, LLC

Historical Fiction

The Fiery Furnace, A novel by F. Scott Kimmich, CreateSpace
When A Red Bird Flies by Karen Evancic, Front Porch History
The Legend Of Joe Edge by J. Rivers Hodge With Brenda Hodge, iUniverse


Do Not Resuscitate by Nicholas Ponticello,  Nicholas Ponticello
Salvation at Rio Feo by Steven Lane Smith, Outskirts Press


Not Really Gone by Blaire Sharpe, Authorhouse
The Best Feeling in the World by DeGreg, Alligator Suitcase Press
Rowdy by Christopher Madsen, CPM Publishing


Blood Stripe by Gina Maria DiNicolo, St. John Press
Snow Men by Andrew Ceroni, Outskirts Press
The Outreach Committee by C.L. Woodhams, C.L. Woodhams


After the Chisholm by George Rhoades, Outskirts Press
Kinyamaswa, An Epic Poem by Andreas Morgner, Apprentice House Press
Vanishing Point 
by Tim Amsden, Independent Publisher


A Storm Is Raging by Sharon A. Gricol, CreateSpace
God's Indemnity by Dr. Cheryl Williams

Romance Novel

Matched In Heaven by Angela Page, Eternal Press
Backstretch Baby by Bev Pettersen, Westerhall Books
Crossroads by Dina Al-Hidiq Zebib, Outskirts Press

Science Fiction

Red Rock by Eamonn Kichuk, ISBN Canada
Flare by Jonathan Maas,  CreateSpace
Before The Sun Hits by Arthur Swan, Swanfall

Self Help

Fragments Of Possible Meaning, A Discovery Guide by Carolyn J. Sweers , Outskirts Press
Maximizing Your Injury Claim by Matthew D. Dubin, Aviva Publishing
Still Standing After All the Tears by Valerie Silveira, Rockin’ Redhead Group

Societal Issues/Spirituality

The Hero In Heroin by Mindy Miralia, Balboa Press
A Brief Discussion On Fairness Analysis by Rongqing Dai, Outskirts Press


No Place For Normal: New York by Clifford Browder, Mill City Press
Stepping Wild by Phill Grounds, Outskirts Press

(earlier copyright dates)

Into The Dark by John Royce, Micron Press (2011)
Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles by Carole P. Roman, CreateSpace (2014)


The End by Justine Avery, Justine Avery