Literary Awards Finalists for 2016-2017


Children - Toddler to Age 5

The Greatest Wish by Amanda Yoshida, Mascot Books
Who’s New? by Cindy Helms, Set Free Publishing
Zealy’s Very First Swim by Roe DePinto, Outskirts Press

Children - Early Reader, Age 6 To 8

Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home by Jody A. Dean PhD, Tally Ho Publishing
The Golden Rule by Sherrill S. Cannon, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency
Zealy and Whubba Go Fishing by Roe DePinto, Outskirts Press

Children – Young Reader, Age 8 To 12

If You Were Me and Lived in…The American West by Carole P. Roman, CreateSpace
The Cookie Thief Girl Scout Mystery by Carole Marsh, Gallopade International
Vampire Boy by Aric Cushing, Grand & Archer

Children- Teen, Age 12 To 16

Help Me! by Donna M. Zadunajsky, CreateSpace
Lone Wolf by Robin Mason, Tricklewood Press
Operation Tenley by Jennifer Gooch Hummer, Month9Books, LLC
Time Zero by Carolyn Cohagan, She Writes Press

Children – Young Adult, Age 16-18

Aramid by Paul Haddad, World Castle Publishing
Help Me! by Donna M. Zadunajsky, CreateSpace
Riven by Jane Alvey Harris, CreateSpace
The Secret Billionaire by Teymour Shahabi, PageWing


Engage with Honor by Lee Ellis, FreedomStar Media
Power Your Career: The Art of Tactful Self-Promotion at Work by Richard Dodson and Nancy Burke, Beaver's Pond Press, Inc.
Wait, How Do I Write This Email? by Danny Rubin, News To Live By


Doc MacDoodle's Color Therapy for Grown Ups: Animals by Bridget Finnegan, Dawdle Publishing LLC
The Tao of Sudoku: Yoga for the Brain by Cristina and Rick Smith, CreateSpace
The Troll Cookbook by Karima Cammell and Clint Marsh, Dromedary Press


A Foreign Shore: Rain of Fire, Rain of Blood by Forrest Johnson, Forrest Johnson
Beacon by November Ellison, Create Space
Valhalla Forever by Austin Koepp, Green Ivy Publishing



Elizabeth Daleiden On Trial by Ron Fritsch, Ron Fritsch
Kept by Jim Arnold, Eureka Street Press

General Fiction/Novels

Angels from Caldera by Malcolm McFall, Outskirts Press
Loreena's Gift by Colleen M. Story, Dzanc Books
My Author is Dead by Michel Bruneau, CePages Press
The Tolling of Mercedes Bell by Jennifer Dwight, She Writes Press
These Thy Gifts by Vincent Panettiere,CreateSpace


Health and Fitness

Toxic Food Nation by George M. Burnell, MD, Outskirts Press
The Longest Mile by Christine Meyer, MD, She Writes Press
Weight Training Without Injury by Fred Stellabotte and Rachel Straub, Regalis Publishing LLC


Historical Fiction

A Girl Like You by Michelle Cox, She Writes Press
Man at the Cross Road by Jeanne Blanchet, Ph.D., Outskirts Press
Scarred: A Civil War Novel of Redemption by Michael Kenneth Smith, CreateSpace
Yasu's Quest: A Tale of Triumph by Diane Dettmann, Outskirts Press



Part of the Family by Jason Hensley, CreateSpace
The Hand in the Back of the Room by Dr. Byron L. Ernest, Outskirts Press
The Thundering Herd by John E. Peltier, Outskirts Press


Father Flanagan Laments by Denny Goetz, Outskirts Press
Fair Share by Steven Lane Smith, Outskirts Press
Joe Peas by Sam Newsome, Lulu Publishing
The Maiden Voyage of the Destiny Unknown by Nicholas Ponticello, Nicholas Ponticello



Art as Adornment by Charles L. Russell, Outskirts Press
Even When Trapped Behind Clouds by Patty Somlo, WiDo Publishing
Live with Courage Lead with Hope by Judy Cadorette, Outskirts Press
Perfect in Memory: A Son's Tribute to his Mother by Rick D. Niece, Ph.D., Five Star Publications
The Space Between by Virginia A. Simpson, She Writes Press



Bullet in the Chamber by John DeDakis, Strategic Media Books
Kate Muldoon for the Defense by Liz Mathews, Outskirts Press
The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman by Brady G. Stefani, SparkPress
The Medinandi License by Randall Reneau, CreateSpace
The Tolling of Mercedes Bell by Jennifer Dwight, She Writes Press



Maude by Mardo Williams, Calliope Press
Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home by Jody A. Dean PhD, Tally Ho Publishing
The COMPLETE Model for Positive Behavior Management by Dina Al-Hidiq Zebib, CreateSpace



Firethorn Inn by Larry A. McCarthy, Outskirts Press
Something's Bound to Happen by Michael Kasenow, Infinity Publishing
What the River Knows by Andrea Freeman, Halcyon Wind Press



Conjuring Casanova by Melissa Rea, She Writes Press
Millionaire's Shot by Bev Pettersen, Westerhall Books
The Swallow by Isabelle Joshua, CreateSpace


Science Fiction

D'mok Revival: New Eden by Michael Zummo, Zummo Books, LLC
Trisomy XXI by G.A. Minton, World Castle Publishing
When is Sylvia Wallace? by Brad Anderson, Outskirts Press



The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S. by Carlos Wallace, Million Dollar Pen, Ink.
The Other F Word: Forgiveness by J.R. Yussuf, Loose Moose Publishing
The Great Life Mindset by Roy A. Piercy, The Roy A. Piercy Group Publishing


Societal Issues

Let There Be Spring by Lofty Basta, MD, FRCP, FACC, Outskirts Press
Schooled on Fat by Nicole Taylor, Routledge
The COMPLETE Model for Positive Behavior Management by Dina Al-Hidiq Zebib, CreateSpace


Short Stories

A Magic Door and A Lost Kingdom of Peace by H. D. Hunter, H.D. Hunter
Bonds of Love & Blood by Marylee MacDonald, Summertime Publications, Incorporated
Gershwin's Last Waltz and Other Stories by Frank Frost, Outskirts Press
12 Random Words/ 12 Palabras al Azar by Fabiana Elisa Martinez, Talk-Active, LLC



Seeking Father Khaliq by William Peace, Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC
The Unseen Partner by Diane Croft, Interleaf Press
Whispers in the Windstorm by Kathryn Danylko, Peregrine Productions



Breakfast for Alligators by Darrin DuFord, Tilted Hat Press
Living in Italy: The Real Deal by Stef Smulders, Babelcube Inc.
Pilgrim's Spokes by Neil M. Hanson, High Prairie Press
West by Sea by Michelle & Edward Beale, Expeditionaire



Navigating Indie World by Julie A. Gerber and Carole P. Roman, CreateSpace
Wait, How Do I Write This Email? by Danny Rubin, News To Live By
Writing Memoir by Jerry Payne, Faydelis Press


Classics (Copyrights earlier than 2016)

Childrens Classics

Being a Captain is Hard Work by Carole P. Roman, CreateSpace
If You Were Me and Lived In…Italy by Carole P. Roman, CreateSpace
Topaz and The Green Fairies by Pat Frayne, CreateSpace

Adult Classics - Ficton

Groovy Times by Lance Smith, CreateSpace
Visions Through a Glass, Darkly by David I. Aboulafia, Cosmic Egg Books

Adult Classics - Non-Fiction

Connected Parent Empowered Child by Leeza Carlone Steindorf, Illustre Press International
Muriel Spark: Time in Her Fiction by Linette Arthurton Bruno, Publibook



A Most Grievous Fault by Kathryn A. Imler, Forest Park Press
Velda: An American Fairy Tale by R.S. Hems, Aionios Books
He Who Leads by M.A.N., CreateSpace


Regional/Global/Specialized Awards Finalists

2nd Sight: Capturing Insight by Ben A. Sharpton, Limitless Publishing
A Matter of Minds: My Life as a Mental Nurse by Mary Fairbairn MacIntyre, Seafield House
Born to be Fast! by Rebecca Luna, AuthorHouse
Hospital Hill by Katherine Anderson, Makin Books Publishing
Kai by Derek Vasconi, Derek Vasconi
Lone Wolf by Robin Mason, Tricklewood Press
Theo and a Horse Named Rocket by N.H. Raymond, Archway Publishing