The Literary Awards Deadline is getting close!

We have been receiving so many great books entered on the 2013 Literary Awards every day that I didn’t realize until now how close we are to the deadline. Where did the time go? The awards is actually my favorite thing because every time I open an awards package I go back in time to when I was sending my own book to different award programs.

I remember how I felt as I double checked the entry form and the number of books. I double checked on that the fee was included, and then sealed the package sending all of my hopes with the submission. It feels weird to me to think about it now, as I remember not knowing anything about literary contests and how they work. I remember wondering who would be judging my book and hoping that they would love it as much as I did. Now I find myself receiving so many authors’ hopes along with their books…

So, I decided to explain how the Literary Awards program works here at Reader Views.

  1. We receive the package and process the submission. 
  2. The title then goes to the first line judging where the book gets read and a review gets written.
  3. Once the book has been reviewed, a set of scores are generated and entered on the awards data base.
  4. This process goes on until all the books have been scored.
  5. Once all of the scores are in, the first judging takes place based on highest scores and the semi-finalists are chosen.
  6. Then the title goes through the second phase of judging where the semi-finalists are chosen by evaluating and calculating the scores by a second group of judges.
  7. Once the finalists have been selected, the final judging takes place by another panel of judges. The judges review the finalists in each category based on the physical book, review and scores. Assigning the final score to them which will determine placement.

All books are treated with respect and enthusiasm as all judges are book lovers, whether they are authors, readers or experts in a specific category.

As you can imagine this process takes time, so if you are planning to enter your book, this would be the time to do it! All entries must be postmarked by December 1st, 2013. Click here to check out the guidelines and download your submission form.