Should I Translate My Book Or Should I Sell My Rights?


This is the question that haunted me for months when I was contemplating translation of my book in Italian and Spanish. In all honesty I am not very knowledgeable on foreign rights. Deciding how I wanted to proceed took the following three steps:

·         Determine the foreign language market: In my case it was easy because my book series is about an Italian immigrant. Obviously the target languages would most likely be Italian and Spanish since the main character moved to South America, specifically Venezuela.

·         Market the book to publishers in Italy and Venezuela. I thought about it, and realized that it would be like starting all over, as I had zero knowledge of the current publishers or agents in Italy and Venezuela. On the same token, I didn’t know any lawyers that could help me to make sure any offers I got were fair based on industry standards. So I felt that I had more confidence in my own capacity to tap into those countries market myself by publishing the translation as an eBook and market them through online publicity straight to the readers.

·         Finally, given that I am 100% fluent in Italian and Spanish the question of hiring a translator or translating it on my own came up. Once I had made the decision to self-publish the translations of my books, it felt natural that I would do the translations myself. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it wouldn’t be the best option for me. I decided to hire a translator.

Hiring a translator was not easy. I needed someone that I could trust could reflect the voice of the narrator and also could translate the dialogues so that they wouldn’t lose the authenticity of the characters. This was difficult enough and to find what I needed within my budget was the biggest challenge. Yet, I did! It took me a year to find the right person, and almost another year to get the Italian platform, budget and translation going. The translated first draft was produced within a couple of months, and it is currently in its final edits and revisions. Once I found the right person to do the translation, this whole process was a breeze for me.

I realized that thanks to self-publishing online tools publishing the translation on eBook is not only convenient but also very affordable which allowed me to use my budget for translation and publicity. The online publicity was not so bad thanks to the fact that I had already many contacts that I can rely on. All I needed to do is focus on the strategy of the language market. 

As I worked on my own book I thought of all the great books I have read from our authors through the years and wondered if maybe we could be of help to get those stories around for readers of other nationalities to read.  I decided to bring my own translator on board and design an affordable package to encourage authors to keep their book growing.

In the next few weeks, we will be offering translations from English to Italian, Spanish and French; and from Italian, Spanish and French to English. Not only that but we will offer book reviews in those languages along with English. I am very excited about this because my dream to help authors spread their stories and messages will reduce the limitations of borders and languages; connecting people hearts through books. Stay tuned to our newsletter for the book translation launching offer!