Getting a Publicity or Publishing Coach. Is it really worth it? Is it even Affordable?


As we press on re-publishing all other reviews I had the opportunity to visit many of our authors’ websites when looking for cover and author pics or just re-linking to their pages when applicable.  During those visits I found outdated websites lacking updates and even missing links. Not only that, I also found that many of the author’s didn’t even have a website! We began to look for the information and pics through Amazon, only to realize that again a great number of authors don’t even have an Amazon Author page, and if they do they are totally inactive and out of sync with the author’s website.

All these findings got me thinking and compelled me to write this editorial to share a true fact: Online publicity such as book reviews, interviews, blog tours…etc will not accomplish much if the audience can’t connect with the Author.

With the quantity of books out there (and I know I have said this many times), the only way to make a living through your books is to create a fan based audience. But how can you do this if there isn’t a place where the fans can get updates and interact with the author? What good is a website if it doesn’t provide updates and interaction to possible fans?

An online platform is very convenient to put yourself and your books available to your audience, but if the author is not internet savvy to publicize online, or lacks the time to be consistent, the efforts to keep up can become daunting and impossible to maintain on a longer term. This is why a coach to guide the author to establish a efficient online platform customized to the needs and circumstances of the author should be considered.

Because finding a coach in itself is not easy, sometimes not even affordable, authors have to be clear on how to use the coach services before even looking for one. A coach, in my opinion should be hired not to do everything for the author, but to show the author what to do in order to keep the platform going by him/herself while helping the author build the platform.

We at Reader Views had created the Consulting to Go Service to provide affordable help to authors who might need quick help or answers to specific questions. Through it, we have helped so far many authors to find the best way to publicize their books and for those authors more internet savvy, we have been able to show them the way to a more efficient online platform. But some authors need more than that as I discovered these past few weeks. For them, I ‘ve began to take coaching clients again.

The way our coaching works is this:

1)      Author emails us requesting a phone or Skype free consultation.

2)      I schedule a 15 minutes phone or Skype appointment for me to get the specific information about the Author, book and current platform.

3)      I email a customized coaching package to match needs and budget of author.

Coaching can be very expensive when not clear on what is needed, and it is very often very expensive for authors who are not internet savvy. This is why at Reader Views we make it a point to know the circumstance of each client before entering in an agreement. We believe that there is no possible way to offer a standardized coaching package that will be applicable to everyone, so we don’t. Our passion is to seeing our authors be successful, and thus prefer to give as much time as we can at no cost to our authors to make sure that when we agree to a coaching relationship, it will be launch the platform the author needs . For more information about coaching email me at