Don’t Sell Your Foreign Rights Just Yet...


Before selling your foreign rights, stop and think about it for a moment. It is true that the self-publishing tools available on the internet make being an indie author possible. But on the same token it re-defined the traditional publishing opportunities as well. These days it seems that the traditionally published books come, almost in its entirety, from already famous authors or celebrities, and a small portion from popular indie authors. So, no matter how much effort an unknown author puts into querying to big publishers and their agents, the odds of their work being picked up by them these days has been reduced to at least half a chance from before the internet. This is why indie books are booming. But is this the case when it comes to selling the foreign rights of your book?

In my opinion, it’s as if the big traditional publishers have first pick on the foreign market and resources. Even if this wasn’t true, once an author has an online platform, why would they want to sell their foreign rights? The fact of the matter is, thanks to eBooks, the main cost when it comes to publishing a book in another language is the translation. Thanks to the Print-On-Demand system, even print formats for the foreign market have become possible for indie authors.

On my previous editorials I spoke about my own journey finding good and affordable translators for my book and also gave some tips on deciding whether to translate or not.  I hold this topic close to my heart because translating my book in my native language is crucial so that I can share my father’s story with the people in my personal life. But what I found with my own translator search is that when you publish your book in a foreign language, you are sharing much more than your story, you are also sharing your culture.

I stumbled upon this fact when reviewing a few translation samples from different people. In the end, I hired the one that was able to make my story come to life by capturing the culture of the setting and characters as well as accurately reflecting the culture in the new language.

It is because of this that I am very excited to announce our in house translation service and Foreign Language Department. This week we take pride to launch Italian, Spanish and French book translation services. To learn more click here!