Indie Publishing and Hiring a Professional Editor can finally go hand in hand!

Through the years I have been reading Indie books and the basis for my not so positive reviews has been their lack of professional editing. This matter has been mortifying to me because of my own experience as an Indie and because most of these books had awesome stories worth reading.

There are two basic problems Indie authors face when trying to self-publish: 

·         Scams. This was the main problem I faced when I first published my book in 2009. Because English is not my first language and thus didn’t trust my own editing, I paid $750.00 for a supposedly professional editor hired through my self-publishing company. Little did I know my manuscript had been sent to the Philippines to get edited? Needless to say that when the reviews came back noting the lack of professional editing, I was outraged. This was why I decided to re-publish my title through a revised edition.


·         Small Budgets. Budgeting is probably the major reason why great stories written by Indie authors don’t make it. How can you argue with this? I mean, if the money is missing, how can a writer trying to self-publish his work, be able to hire a professional editor? This problem has been bugging me as I tried to quote editing services to Indies by associate editors. It worked for a while. We had excellent editors that made this possible for many of our authors, but this past year the quotes for editing have been going up to the extent of making impossible for Indies to afford it. I considered stopping the editing services altogether, but a little idea started brewing in my head.  I wondered what would have happened if we offered the editing services in house.


And so today I am very pleased to announce the launch of our in house editing department. This couldn’t have come at a better moment, as the end of the year serves many writers as the time to finish up manuscripts for publication in the coming year! It is my personal goal for the New Year to help such great stories to be told by trying to eliminate the biggest challenge we all Indies face.  The editing services will now be accessible to small budgets through affordable quotes and payment plans. I hope this helps! Click here to learn more and take advantage of our launching discounted price.