Our Journey This Past Year


This past week I had to get ready for my Conversations Live radio interview with Cyrus Webb. I knew I would be speaking about what was new on Reader Views and my upcoming projects as an author. I sat down and put a bullet point list of talking points together and called in for the interview.  It wasn’t until I heard Cyrus answer on the other end of the phone that I realized what journey it has been, as soon as he greeted me time disappeared and I forgot about the list of points I wanted to cover.

The memories of the time I spent with Irene rushed in my mind, the pain when she left made itself known in my heart but the words that came out of me reflected love, pride and passion about the journey and accomplishments we have gone through this past year.

I know the challenges we have gone through are by no means the last ones we will face. I know that there are many things pending to be figured out but on the same token the accomplishments we have managed in such short time are so many! We have been able not only to keep Irene’s vision alive, we have also enriched her vision and made it our own through fresh new services, a renewed commitment to keep publicity affordable to Indie Authors and expand to promote their messages around the globe.

But instead of me summarizing this past year in this editorial I would like to tell you directly you’re your support has meant for me and Reader Views…Listen below or if you have trouble on this post, Click here to listen to interview