Book Blitz Quickie?

Last week, one of our authors emailed asking me the best way to do a quick revival of her title and promote it during this holiday season. It was a tricky question because the right answer is you should have planned a promotion effort few months ahead in order to create a buzz during the holiday season.

I took inventory of what services we provide that could be launched now and create a quick buzz. In all honesty, there are but most of them, such of features, book giveaways, and even the catalog are booked up or have a submission deadline, making it difficult to spontaneously be able to launch to create a quick online buzz in a short period of time.

Other services such as book reviews, blogger reviews…etc require time to produce making it impossible to generate to launch with a short notice. However, I’m always up for a challenge so I put Jennifer’s and my brains to work to try to come up with a better answer.

Finally, Jennifer, and this is why I love her, came up with an idea! What if a title was mentioned in whatever form by many bloggers on the same week? We got to work and Book Blitz was born. We basically, took a look at our pool of independent bloggers, and recruited the girls of Tour de Blogg to create the opportunity of a quick online blitz by having the book cover posted or simply the title mentioned constantly through different indie blogs and their social networks during five days by using the same infrastructure we created for the blog tours.

So the search for an answer to one author’s question generated hopefully an answer for many of you. This is what I love about my job! Because I am not just the editor, but also a customer! I am submitting my book for book blitz this week, and will write about my title’s book blitz quickie once I get the feedback!

We are launching Book Blitz through a promotional offer to make it as affordable as possible to those of you looking for a quick promotional effort. You can learn more about it Here