Holiday Gathering/Volunteering and Promoting at the same time? Why not!


It is that time of the year again when we need to grow an extra pair of hands to shuffle the extra activities we put ourselves through with the holiday season’s gatherings and volunteering. If you are like me you end up exhausted, yet satisfied that you gave back by bringing cheer and help to your community. However, when the season is over you realize just how much work you dropped, and how little advantage you took of all those gatherings for promoting!

A couple of years ago, I realized that promoting during the holidays did not have to be a full blown advertising campaign. I also realized how a little mention of what you do can go very far, as I would wrap presents for my favorite charity, went to my husband’s office holiday party or even our friends gatherings. Some people might think of it as being pushy or unethical to mention your book to someone you just met at a dinner party or while volunteering. In my opinion, when you love what you do for a living or any project you are working on, it becomes part of who you are, not just of how you live. So with that thought here are some tips on how to promote when you are at your holiday gatherings and volunteering.

  • The best part of the holidays is giving. So I always make sure that I have signed books to give out as holiday gifts or donations when volunteering. So if you volunteer in a hospital, why not carry few books with you to donate to the hospital’s library before you go. Or send a holiday dedicated book to a business contact instead of a holiday card.  These options will not only bring cheer to who receives the book, but also exposure as you carry it around, give it away and the recipient enjoys it where ever they read it.
  • Have your book cover cards with you, so if the question “what do you do?” pops up, you can show and not just tell!
  •  Include reading one of your books to the elderly, children, or the sick as one of your volunteering activities for the season, and donate a book. That way when talking about what you did “last Thursday” to people in a gathering, your book’s title will pop up.

I have always been a big giver thanks to my mother’s example, so I know how addictive it is to bring smiles to others, no matter what you are giving. So whether you give time, cheer or gifts to friends, co-workers or strangers in need why not share a little about yourself as well. By opening yourself when opening your heart you invite people to like you, identify with you and even learn from you. This type of giving can give back as people relate to you because some of them might find out that what you write is what they like to read or your book would be the perfect gift for someone they know. Isn’t connecting and supporting each other what the holiday season is all about?