Happy Holiday Reading!

Yes, I said reading not writing. I know that most of my editorials deal with the art of writing. Being a writer myself, I often let my passion for the art take over when writing the editorials. But the truth is I am also a reader who loves books. I even collect antique books, which are scattered all over my house!

You see, I see books as pieces of knowledge, dreams, imagination, and hearts that people share with others. Sharing such personal aspects of ourselves through books requires tremendous amounts of courage but also tremendous amounts of love for people. This is why I love books. They entertain, teach, inspire but also make me feel honored as I get to peek into someone else’s thoughts, experiences, knowledge, and dreams. I am honored and humbled as the little piece of their soul make mine grow as well.

So, during this Holiday Season, as our hearts open up to others at our get-togethers, volunteering, and reflecting times, leave space to read. You owe yourself some food for thought and some rest! I am not saying this; I am also walking the talk!

We will close our offices for the Holidays from Monday 12/23/2013 through Thursday 1/2/2014 but we will be checking emails regularly and continue to monitor all of the campaign process as well as processing new orders. The main reason for closing our office is to rest and read!

This has been a very exciting year as we searched for our new voice, but it was also a difficult and exhausting one, as we faced growing pains and virus attacks on all of our websites. Thus, we decided to take the Holidays to rest and catch up on our reading list. It was because of all of your support that we pulled through; there are not enough words to thank you…

The New Year will bring many new goals for Reader Views and its affiliates but our commitment and appreciation to all of our authors and readers will continue as the center of our mission. We wish you all health, prosperity and many loved ones to share with from the bottom of our hearts!