My Book’s 5 day Book Blitz Success! What it really means.


A few weeks back I mentioned that I had signed up my own book for the 5 days Book Blitz to test it. Well, the results of the Blitz are beginning to show up!

  • A total of Twenty Four Bloggers signed up for my Blitz (I was expecting about five).
  •  All of them posted!

Although it is too soon to know the impact of these postings on my sales or website traffic, and in reality I probably will never know as there are also ads, interviews, bookmarks distributed everywhere, magnets of my cover on my car (and other peoples’ cars!)…etc., I can already see the following benefits:

  • I got such a variety of Bloggers that now my book will be exposed to markets I didn’t even imagine as targets.
  • The postings show not just the cover and synopsis but also my trailer and even links to a radio interview which exposes me as an expert author to other media, such as radio stations and television.
  •  A couple of these bloggers have also requested a copy of my book for review, which in turn will hopefully create promotional postings, but certainly further exposure down the line.
  • When I googled my book title and my name I found recent mentions everywhere about my book thanks to all the new postings, which shows a current interest in it.
  • Also, all this online buzz came in hand as the movie for the well-known book “The Book Thief” (my favorite book ever, after mine of course) has just come out, leaving an audience wanting more for similar stories. Having my title everywhere sure makes it easier for them to satisfy their search.

Well, here you have my feedback! I know most of us want to hear stories about becoming a Best Seller overnight, but that is very rare. However, I am very happy with what I am seeing so far; in my case the Blitz results were publicity at its best, as my book’s topic and the Blitz went hand in hand with a movie release event as well as on time for the Holiday shopping sprees.

Now, as a literary online publicist, I recognize that coordinating all of these elements is not easy. Getting a title revived is even more difficult. But judging by the number of bloggers who signed up as well as getting 100% participation on time for all of the other market influences to work is definitely my success story!

Publicity works by putting your book everywhere, but it can’t make people want to buy your book. The marketing strategy you design while writing and publishing your book is what can make the audience want your book, so I pray like other authors that all the thought I put into the cover, book design, and writing style do the trick when a publicity effort is successful.