Well, we are in the middle of the makeover, and I must admit that I actually glad we did it. I see now that the virus attack was a blessing as we are all at Reader Views are filled with enthusiasm and pride thanks to our own new design.

But pride is not just it as we were humbled by all of your emails offering to help out and even donate to keep us running. From all here and from the bottom of our hearts Thank You for your kind emails. Without them I don't know that we would have been able to keep focused and working 24/7 to get the new sites up.

Reader Views has most of the main pages up and we will keep posting all the reviews until we have them all the last five years up. I will work on the Archives system once I am down with all of the sites main pages so that we can begin posting the archives as well.

Please feel free to check the new pages up and tell us what you think! Our focus was on the reviews and practicality and thus simplicity and graphics took charge. I We hope you all will like it!