We Survived the Storm!

We did it! We are up and running on our new platform and with a brand new look! No more virus warning pages as we are safe! Not all of the reviews are up yet, but we are adding reviews every day, so if your review was done on or after 2009 you will be up on our site as soon as possible. If your review was done before 2009 it will be up as soon as we get the archives working hopefully this week.

Currently, all the main pages to navigate the website and submit orders are up. We also included a blog where we will be posting our editorials as well anything we feel like sharing! We invite everyone to comment as well. We want to hear from you!

We have been working non-stop enduring a large amount of stress for a few weeks as we fought the hackers to be able to keep our wonderful authors work online. Our goal was making sure that you suffered as little as possible during the battle. It was very scary and a big production to pull all the sites down and re-design all the pages…but we believed you all deserve our best effort, and so we pressed on.

We weren’t wrong. Your supporting emails, patience, and loyalty have shined through. As we receive the first orders through our sight, we find proof of the human quality of our authors. You are also the driving force that moves us to keep providing our services at the best affordable price possible.

You see, not many know that the philosophy of what we do is to be able to make a living through our passion. Our passion is sharing life lessons, fiction stories, and information. In short, sharing any piece of the human mind that found its way onto the pages of a book to entertain and share constructive lessons.

We believe that by sharing pieces of our mind and heart we will evolve. Yes we need to be able to make a living with what we do in order to be able to keep doing what we do. Our goal is just this and not to become wealthy at anyone’s expense.

Your supporting emails have kept us focused on who we are and why we do what we do. Thanks to you, we didn’t give up. Not even when it seemed easier to do so.

We want to show our appreciation so for this week we are celebrating our authors and new look with a 20% discount across the board. Any submissions made this week will be billed at the discounted price. We hope you enjoy the new look!