New – In-House Book Trailers!

It has been a busy first couple of weeks here at Reader Views! One of the first big goals I had set up to accomplish during the New Year was to bring in-House all of those services that have become highly priced, in hopes of making them more affordable to our beloved Indies. I am very happy to have accomplished this with our Book Trailers this past week!

I am a fan of book trailers because possible readers can see and hear your book as it comes alive in a mini-film. Let’s face it - most of the times we decide to watch a movie just by its trailer. So, if done correctly, a book trailer could influence the viewer and convince them in a very short time to at least check the book out.  In a time where you-tube videos are shared everywhere, having a book trailer can be a powerful tool for getting your title to different possible audiences. But I also think that it could be more than that. After all, is there a better way to imagine your story as a movie?

Here are some things you should take into consideration when coming up with your Book Trailer concept:

1)        Length - Before, trailers were between 1-2 minutes. Not anymore. Analytics have shown that people stopped viewing 2 minute trailers at around the halfway point. So, the trend now is between 49 seconds – 1 minute.

2)      Cause/Effect - Is your trailer entertaining, funny, moving? Showing what the book is about and where to find it is not enough; you want viewers to share it, so conceptualizing is very important.

3)      Think of your trailer as the door to a movie screen when producing it. Is your trailer depicting a possibility or is it just another slide show?

With all of these things in mind, we came out with two packages that provide a short, attractive tool to promote your book, but could also serve as filming possibilities to screen writers or film producers. By bringing aboard our new video producer Yvonne, we have this wonderful tool affordable to all of you Indies! But we won’t stop here, so keep reading our newsletter for more ways to take advantage of your trailers, as we come up with all new possibilities to get your books out there!

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