Campaigning with Strategy

We did it; we are on to a new year! So do we want to begin the year by continuing in the same manner or do we want to start it energized and with purpose?  If your answer is the second option, then the first thing to do this first week of January is think Strategy.

In the publicity universe campaigns work best when paired with events. This doesn’t mean that you should only campaign for your own Book Signings or speaking events. Calendar Holidays, Observance and Awareness Dates, as well as Marketing calendars are also considered as campaigning events because the Media usually utilizes them as programming guides as well as retail stores promotional guides.  So what should the first thing on your to do list be? Find a Calendar that shows most or all of these dates!

Here are some tips to strategize your book’s campaigns:

1)      Identify your publicity budget for the year.

2)      Identify any calendar/marketing dates that are relevant to your book’s topic and your own expertise.

3)      Identify Media and advertisement opportunities that can relate to your specific audience and make a list.

4)      This is the tricky part: you can try to contact all of them yourself or hire a publicist who has the submission guidelines knowledge and contacts to submit for you. Either way, by creating a well thought-out and realistic Media/advertising target list and discussing with your publicist, you will improve chances of a successful campaign. Remember, you are the one that knows your book and expertise the best, and the publicist knows best how to reach the media. By working together you will create a comprehensive and holistic campaign instead of a standardized cookie cut-out one.

5)      Apply your budget and schedule the publicity packages you purchase according to your strategy.

6)      Start scheduling early; be aware that developing a campaign with strategy takes time so you should give yourself a couple of months before the campaign launch-date, so that everything is in place. The postings go live about a week or a couple of days before the target date.

This year we are all about programming our packages to calendar and marketing events to maximize the publicity efforts for our authors.  So do not be afraid to check out all of our services on the website ahead of time, ask questions, and share information before you purchase a package; and don’t forget to mention to us a target date if you have one as well! Happy planning!