Writing and Magazines for Writers

I confess when it comes to knitting and writing I never can have enough information. This is why my husband panics every time he sees me browsing the magazines stands. In all honesty, I sometimes even get magazines without even checking to see if the information in them would be helpful to me. So on many occasions I would end up spending valuable writing time on reading articles that only repeated what I already knew. I believe that writers do benefit by reading articles about writing and any other aspect of the publishing industry, however it is very easy to get caught up in the article merry-go-round as I did. This is why few years ago I had to come up with a system that would allow me to satisfy my magazine cravings in a wise way and make the most of my magazine spending.

  • First, I checked out all of the major writing magazines and picked the one that I felt tackled the broadest range of aspects about the industry.
  • I subscribed for one year to the magazine I picked, to make sure I would receive it at home and thus limit my visits to the magazine stand, whether physically or online. Just knowing I would receive it the mail reduced my impulse to go shopping.
  •  I allow myself time to check out other magazines for helpful articles to ensure that I made purchases which target a specific topic of interest. In other words I purchase only what I need at a specific time.
  • Finally, I don’t substitute my writing time with research time. Instead, I allocate into my schedule a time for this type of research or article reading to make sure that my scheduled writing time stays intact.

Changing my magazine buying and reading habits did not happen overnight, and sometimes I still bought a magazine I didn’t really need, but in time I became more selective and made sure I browsed the articles within each magazine to make sure I got the information I needed, not just the same thing in different words and prints to improve my writing and move forward consistently with my projects. For more information about Reader Views visit www.readerviews.com.