How Reviewing Books Benefits Kids

One of my favorite things to do as the managing editor of Reader Views is matching our authors’ titles with one of our reviewers when processing publicity packages. Being an author I understand how terrifying it is to have your book reviewed, so I always make sure each title gets the best chance by making sure the reviewer is the appropriate one. Having a reviewer within the target market and genre of the title is very important to give the most honest and professional review possible to the author. But my commitment of professionalism and honesty does not go only to the authors; it is also for the readers! Reviews must help readers decide whether or not a title is for them or not.  It because of our commitment to readers that we decided Children books should be reviewed by kids many years ago, and thus Reader is was born. We created the kids website to cater to children readers who love to read, and value other kids’ opinions about the books they want to read. Through this, we discovered that not only were we serving the authors and readers, but the kid reviewers as well! There are many benefits for the kid reviewer, and to list a few…

  • They better their reading skills
  • They better their writing skills
  • They learn how to form their own opinions about other people’s writing
  • They learn how to communicate their opinions
  • They learn how to provide constructive criticism

In all, becoming a reviewer helps kids become assertive, self-confident, and well-adjusted critical thinkers who are not afraid to be themselves. For more information on how to become a kid reviewer (from preschool to young adult) click here.

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