Strategizing with Copyright and Publishing Dates


There are so many new authors popping out through all different publishing platforms in all genres every year. Writers and publishers must think of different angles when strategizing the book’s marketing when scheduling publication and release of the book. The level of detailed strategy is such that many even take into the account the copyright and publishing date stated on the book’s front matter as a marketing tool. This is no surprise for literary marketers and publicists who are used to looking at marketing calendars to come up with new angles to promote their author’s books. However, there are a few new tricks some are not thinking of. Determining the best copyright and publishing date to get the most and best opportunities possible to the new title within the different online platforms is one of them. Below are things to think of before putting the copyright and publishing dates on print.

  • Judged Literary Awards Eligibility Guidelines. One of the best ways to get attention to a title is winning an award. Yet, as the Editor of Reader Views Literary Awards I always encounter submissions that are not eligible to compete because they missed the copyright date eligibility. We were getting so many that this year we actually decided to open the “Classics” category in order to satisfy a rather large need of participants who publish books after the deadline, and thus missed their eligibility for the next year Awards as the copyright became outdated. So it is a wise thing to gather the awards guidelines that are appropriate to the new title and coordinate the publication and copyright dates to make sure it is eligible to participate.


  • Marketing Calendars and Publishing Scheduling. As mentioned earlier, taking marketing calendars into account when strategizing the publication schedule for the new title is common a practice.  But this doesn’t just mean to try to publish for big shopping dates such as Mothers’ Day, Thanks Giving’s Black Friday, or Christmas…etc.  It also means to look into the new title’s topics, and determine which angles work with important dates to make sure the new title is a New Release in such date. For example, a Veteran’s memoir would be perfect for Veteran’s date, Memorial Day, and any other date that is relevant with topics presented in the book. This way all promotional efforts such as Blog Tours, Book events, interviews can match the Media topic references creating opportunities for articles, expert commentaries about such topics…etc.


  • Book Giveaways and New Releases. It is no secret that people always want to have the most current read more than an old one, this is why many still give shelves life to books, even though they can be available indefinitely. So, another wise thing to do is research Book Giveaways from blogs and websites that are related to the topics within the book to be released and schedule giveaways of the new title in such a way that it is given to readers before and on the date of publication and release.


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