Holiday Shopping for your Writers

I admit it, I am a giver! Yes a big portion of Macy’s and who know which other stores sales comes from my pocket as I get my girls what they want and my parents, siblings, sibling’s families and friends something for their tree too! But this year was different for some reason. Maybe I am getting wiser or just older but I wanted to get something for me too! Yet, since I never wait to get what I need, and what I need is usually what I want, I didn’t really get anything for me.

This past weekend I volunteered as I usually do every holiday season wrapping presents for the Bess W. Scott Scholarship Fund which grants scholarship for an upper level journalism major and also for writers age 40 and older. As I explained to customers what the charity is all about an idea of what I want for Christmas came to me. Why not ask Santa for publicity help for my new book to jump start the year! Yes I know…I am a publicist. But I even I have to pay for services that I don’t do myself.  So, today I texted my parents, siblings, kids and hubby asking them to hold off on my presents and wait for my list! I can’t really quote what they replied, but in the end they agreed that it was time I get something useful from them if I am to get anything.

To make the best of the holiday cheer I took my time and I came up with a list of things that are affordable but useful for my new book to get out there:

·         Awards fees. My new book Tuma is a 2014, 2015 copyright so I am able to sign up for the New Years’ Awards. So why not pick a few and send the links to those who usually include me on their shopping list? Even if they just collaborate with a portion of one fee, it does help!

  • Features on different relevant websites or blogs. Features on websites can go anywhere from $25.00 to $600.00. So why not take the time to shop around for website features and suggest as gifts for you.
  • Book Ads on Newsletters, catalogs and websites. Ads on relevant online magazines, Social Media…etc, are also very affordable and would make a great gift for any author who is promoting their books.
  • Finally, why not just cash, or a visa gist card! This is great for those writers who are publishing in the New Year. This way they can start designing their publicity strategy and budget!

Hey the holidays are about spending time with our loved ones and spreading cheer to let them know we love and wish for them to reach for their dreams. Cheering the writers in the family with support during the holiday season will definitely keep them feeling the cheer through the New Year! For more information on Reader Views visit