Another Year Ends; A New Year of Opportunities Begins!

Where did 2014 go? I can’t believe we went through 365 days so quickly, and yet every December catches us by surprise and leaves us surprised on how fast the year went by. It is an exhausting time of rushing and endless to do lists as we try to finish everything we started while celebrating the Holidays. Well, I hate to suggest one more thing on your lists, but I can’t help it!

It is true, it is the end of the year, but it is also the beginning of another one filled with promise and opportunity. However, the end of the year it is not about saying farewell and reminiscing on what has passed. It is also a time to take a peak within and wonder what we wish to make of the New Year ahead. It is a time to visualize ourselves taking charge of our goals and dreams. It is a time to plan. So here are some tips when planning your publishing and publicity goals for 2015:

  • Determine the theme of 2015. Will it be publishing a new book or promoting a published book? Depending of publication and copyright dates the focus will change as the campaign to be launched can be pre-publication or post-publication. This really means that the strategy and media target can be different for each.
  • Another factor to determine is whether or not there is a platform in place. If there isn’t setting up and building one should be in first place of the New Year to do list. A good platform is what will facilitate calls for action during the publicity campaigns. Without it those calls for action will just be shots in the air.
  • Set realistic goals and break them into steps. One good way to break down publicity is using a marketing calendar showing special dates relevant to the topic of the title being promoted.
  • Create a log so that each event planned whether online or not can be tracked down. Logs are excellent tools to keep track of reviews and awards submissions as well.
  • Finally, add up all the fees and costs of the publicity efforts and services being planned so that they can be broken down throughout the year to keep the buzz going without breaking the bank!

Many times what makes the difference when it comes to remaining consistent with publicity to remain relevant, is how well organized are the efforts we embark on. Looking ahead and dedicating some of the time off to gather thoughts and new ideas for the next year will come a long way for planning! We wish all of our readers and authors a wonderful Holiday season surrounded with your loved ones and a new year filled with accomplishments! For information about our services visit