How to be seen in today’s flooded Social Media!

Recently we received an email from one of our authors asking us about literary services sites like ours who are closing. She was told by one of them that it was because, and she quotes…"Many things in the book industry have changed over the years, including how authors advertise their wares. Twitter is awash with "buy my book" while Facebook is flooded with images of romances, mysteries, and other favorites.  Small sites like mine now have a hard time being seen among the industry giants and we no longer get the support we once had…" Following is the authors concerns as she states, “Such a communique naturally raises red flags for authors as to the viability of such sites, including Reader Views and Rebecca's Reads. In my opinion, it would make a good topic to address while reinforcing the ongoing viability of your sites and why.” These concerns are unfortunately true to some extent.

  • The Industry is changing, and growing as more Indies and small presses pop up every day. Thanks to such rapid growth and the DIY attitude all Social Media is over flooded with covers, and “buy my book” ads immunizing the audience against that type of postings. But does that mean that Social Media can no longer direct traffic to the authors’ websites, literary reviews pages, and online stores? The answer is no. What it actually means is that whoever is doing the promotion of a title needs to get creative and put thought into it in order to come up with a holistic strategy with well-defined goals, just to have chance to get through all the babble around social media and accomplish clicks to their sites.
  • Online literary review sites, such as Reader Views need to have consistent marketing efforts to keep a constant audience looking for book reviews. Without an audience, book reviews are useless to authors. Building and growing a platform takes industry knowledge, strategic thinking, and contacts within the industry and media, plus tons of time to spend developing relationships and content. Designing a pretty website, and posting book reviews is not even 10% of what needs to be done to get those reviews to readers. Furthermore, in an ever changing industry such websites need to provide their customers with strategic postings to make sure reviews get read and don’t get lost in the crowd of postings.
  • Finally, to survive the dynamic changes we are going through constantly, online sites such as ours need to evolve and adapt quickly. This translates into the developing of new services, and utilization of latest tools to be able to provide the audience with what they are interested in and place our authors within their reach.

The best way to accomplish all of the above is by combining tools within the virtual and the real world, the visual with the audio to create digital and physical experiences for the audience to spark interest in a title. Not only that but also creating opportunities for the audience to relate to authors in a personal way so that long lasting fan based relationships may flourish. It is by mastering these aspects that through Book By Book Publicity, Reader Views and its affiliates have thrived from their humble beginnings in 2005 to the next online generation. For more information on how Reader Views can help writers visit