Foreign Language Department Book Reviews and Translations Launch


We are finally launching our Foreign Language Book Review Service!  Beginning this week, Reader Views is accepting foreign books for review in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, and French. Being an author who learned English as a second language, publishing my book in English was no easy task. Living in the US, and having my kids born here I had no other choice than to learn how to write in English if I wanted my kids and their cousins to read my father’s story. 

From the moment I began my journey I have always thought of all those writers from different backgrounds who get discouraged from putting their stories out there because of the language barriers. Others just publish their story in their native tongue but find themselves lost when trying to publicize it. Many times when Irene Watson (Founder of Reader Views –RIP) was around I would talk to her about my dream of helping authors in this situation. Well Irene, I hope you are watching because I found a way through the foreign language department.  

Effective immediately Reader Views will be accepting foreign books for regular reviews and publicity packages, as well as offering book translations and all other publicity services in Spanish, Italian and French.

These services, although available to all titles within our regular guidelines, are geared to Indie authors and small publisher’s budgets.  The submission guidelines and processes remain the same for foreign books. The only difference is when submitting the form “foreign book-the language” should be specified as the genre. All the information should be completed in the language the book is written.  E-books are accepted as well.

If you have a book in one of the above foreign languages and need help publicizing it, this is the time to look into our publicity packages and take advantage of our program launch with a 25% discounted price! Check out Packages

Also, if you have a manuscript in Spanish, Italian or French and wish to translate it into English you can also take advantage of the launch with a 25% discount this week.  Submit Now

Finally, if you are considering translating your English book into French, Italian or Spanish, this is also the right time to get a quote with the launch at a 25% discounted price. Submit Now