The Awards Finalists are Coming!

Yup, we are almost done tabulating scores which means that on the next newsletter the Finalists will be announced and the second line of judging will begin! I can’t stress enough how much I love this part of my job! The suspense and excitement is contagious and for the next couple of weeks it is all about the Awards as we all root for the books we liked. I know that it will be a tight competition as we got awesome books this year. In lieu of the awards being finalized over the upcoming couple of weeks, this editorial should offer a sneak peek about the new Awards opening in April.

  • The Literary Awards will re-open on April 1st, 2014.
  • There will be some changes on the categories to adapt the Literary Awards to what is currently happening in the book world.
  • Also, we will strongly encourage early submissions this year, and suggest all of you to take advantage of the early bird offer that will be sent out through the Newsletter this spring. Late submissions after October 31sth, 2014 will have another price increase. Due to the number of late submissions we have been receiving we must make sure that the books published earlier get submitted earlier. Processing, reading and tabulating takes time and thus we must adapt to the volume.
  • We listened to your feedback, and I am pleased to announce that we are opening the Awards to older copyrights through a new category.  Starting with this year’s awards you can register a title with a previous copyright date that has not participated on the Literary Awards on our new “Classics Category”.  Yes we keep track of participants, so please when submitting make sure you do read submission guidelines to avoid being disqualified.
  • We are also opening the “Foreign Books Category.” We will be taking in this category only Spanish, Italian, and French this year as those are the languages we currently have judges for. This category will allow ebooks. So if you were ever thinking of translating your book this might be the right time!

Winning an Award can open many doors with the media as well as increase sales because it gives credibility to your book. Reader Views has been offering the Literary Awards since the beginning as we truly believe in the power of seal but also as a way to recognized all of the wonderful books that are coming out in an ever changing industry. I want to point out how proud I am of our wonderful Indie Authors as we saw a significant improvement on the production quality of their work this year.  Well done!