Won an Award! Now what?

Previously I have spoken about how winning an award can open many doors for publicity through the media. This is why investing in awards entry fees makes sense, but make no mistake; just winning an award isn’t enough.  The award will give your work credibility, giving you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert, but it is up to you to propagate the news of your winnings! Here are some tips on how to make the most of winning any awards program, no matter which place you won.

  1. Once the announcement is received that your book won top placement in a literary awards, you must get to work revising all of your ads and covers for the winning book.  The first step is getting a digital copy of the seal from the awards program to be able to edit not only all of your online ads, but also the cover of your book through your publisher.
  2. The second step is to create enough stickers of the seal to place them on your stock of books, and ensure that the local stores carrying your book have enough for their stock.  It is important to make sure readers who stumble upon your book see that it won an award.
  3. Another thing to update immediately is your bio on your website, sell sheet and other marketing kits. You are now an award winning author so this is no time to be humble, make sure that fact of yourself is clear and noticeable everywhere!
  4. Winning an award is an excellent opportunity to pitch to the media, so a press release about it is a great way to start.
  5. Once your website, book cover, and media kits have been updated, and the press release has been distributed, you can begin to market yourself as an expert. So sharpen your article writing pencil and begin writing.
  6. Write a couple of short articles about topics of your expertise that you can offer as fillers to bloggers, and online magazines related to that topic, and submit those articles along with your bio and book sell sheet.
  7. Write and submit longer articles to send to local or national newspapers and magazines about current events related to your topic of expertise, again be sure to include your bio and book sell sheet.
  8. Query online and local radio stations mentioning your recent award.
  9. Finally, create a speaking/book signing event locally to celebrate your award, and pitch the event to your local media. Make it grand by announcing a book giveaway for 5 or 10 attendants, etc.  Be creative with the hook to get the most attendance and media interest.

I could go on and on, the sky is the limit when it comes to publicizing ideas. The main thing is that wining an award gives you a great tool…make sure you maximize its use! We can help with this -check out our services and look out for our weekly offers on our newsletter!