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With the translation of my own book to Italian and its release coming up any minute, I have been researching around looking for the best way to market it. My dilemma was whether or not to try to sell foreign rights before publishing the translation and market it myself. After thinking about it I decided to do it myself but only in eBook format at first.  My main reason not to publish in print was my lack of knowledge about the publishing Industry in Italy. So I decided to invest in the translation, recuperate as much as possible of that investment by marketing an eBook first, while I learn more about the agents, publishing companies, distributors and the copyright laws in Italy; and then decide whether or not to invest in a print format in Italy. It is a scary thought, but I believe it is the way to go for me, instead of selling my rights. Below are few of the things I considered when coming up with my decision:

  • First I looked at the process of selling my rights. I would need to find an agent that would believe my book is sellable in Italy and who has relationships with other agents in Italy. The Italian agent then would probably try to sell it directly to a publisher or try to market it through other agents in Italy. Just typing this process is enough to get me discouraged!
  • Then, I analyzed the current publishing industry as well as the current economics in Italy. What are really the chances that a publishing company will invest in my book during one of the biggest economic crisis Italy has gone through? I didn’t think so, unless I had an International level celebrity status…and that still would probably be only a maybe due to the Italian crisis.
  • Then I looked into what I know about how Italians use Internet technology and decided that eBook was the right format to target the Italian market for the first time.
  • In the end, I concluded that unless I have a huge platform like celebrities do, it is better in this day and age to just translate books (especially if they are not like 500 pages or so), and market myself by listing on Amazon  and other International online bookstores. After seeing how the eBook goes, maybe even publish the print format of the translation myself through lighting Source’s print on demand, or any Italian indie publisher to market in Italy as well.

Each book is its own little world when it comes to publishing and marketing, the trick is to research its International possibilities individually. Some topics and stories can do better in one country than others. It is this uniqueness of books that inspired us to make translations affordable and possible to all of our Indie customers. A usual, we encourage our customers to research, and consult experts on the topic as each country has different copyright laws and markets. But do not hesitate in asking us questions on how to go about it through our email:; and check out our Weekly specials!