Testimonials, Book Reviews, and Awards

Many authors, including me, put a lot of effort getting our books reviewed and signed up for Awards as soon as the book is out, if not earlier. We do this knowing that it can backfire if the review comes back negative, because it is very important to put people’s opinion about our work out there in order to give our work credibility. But is this the only thing we can do? My answer is no.

Granted, winning and Award and getting excellent book reviews is awesome, but we can gain professional credibility in many ways and through many sources. As authors, we are in contact with venues for our events, bookstores, professional organizations…etc. So why not request testimonials to the people we come in contact with while promoting our books as well. This can include media, event coordinators, bookstore managers, editors, book video producers, publicists…etc. More so, why not request testimonials to the contacts we made while researching the topics for our book, and even requesting testimonials to writers who critiqued our manuscripts. If you think about it, positive testimonials about the author posted along with book reviews and Awards winnings will give your possible audience the full picture to relate to you, and thus promote your book.

It is a fact that a lot of people that purchase books at an author event will do so because they liked and related to the author. This is the number one reason author interviews are used as a book promoting tool. This is why most of us authors dream of on being in Oprah or any T.V. talk show. The exposure these shows can give are great, but what closes the deal is how much the audience related to the author during the interview.  So why not help your audience relate to you and your work through what others who have met you and worked with you think about you as a professional or person by posting their testimonials?

The best promoting strategy comes by combining tools which allow your genuine uniqueness to be put out there along your work. Honest book reviews and testimonials posted on your website and even on your Amazon page can go a long way. Then if the Award is accomplished your promotion will be ready to get your work to the next level.