Reader Views On The Road!

We have been working behind the scenes on few things that will pop up eventually in our Newsletter. Being able to help our authors’ books to get around outside the virtual world is one of them. We have researched few options and decided that we could maximize results for our authors by creating the possibility to have their books touring with Reader Views outside the Virtual Realm.  I am so excited to announce that we are going on the road! Yup, we need a break from being behind the computer 24/7, so we worked out a way to accomplish that and keep doing what we do best: help our authors to get their books out there!

Each year, beginning 2014, we pick an event to attend as Reader Views and sell books from  a number of authors who sign up to be considered participants of the event. We decided that instead of focusing on mass events where all genres are exhibiting, we would best help out our authors by attending fairs that focus on certain types of genres, and thus the attendants are most likely the specific target of such genres. Having this in mind we picked our first annual event for November 2014. This is how it will work:

  • Authors interested sign up by filling out a form through the event page.
  • Due to limited space, we will limit the number of participants and will pick the participants that best match the type of event. We will then Invoice for the participation fee only the authors that were selected to attend.
  • The number of books per Author will also be limited. All signed books and marketing material (book marks, flyers…etc , that the author wants distributed in the fair), will need to be shipped to our office. These will have to be received by October 1st to give us time to check and make sure all is good.

These are the general guidelines of what we are planning. For detailed information, Click Here.  I see this as a promotional opportunity for us to collect emails for the authors, distribute marketing material to all the hundreds of attendees, and sell a few books while we are at it. We are planning to even sell eBooks if Wi-Fi is available. What we will be able to do is yet to be determined, as we wait for the detail information on our booth’s facilities to get to us.

These are exciting times for Reader Views, as we expand our publicity services to a new realm, and we hope you will join us on this wonderful ride! If you want more information about going on the road events we are looking at, or would like to suggest any, please email me at