Book Videos and the radio

Not too long ago Book Videos spurred out of nowhere all over the Internet, and so did book video producers! There were so many new books coming out with their book videos that the social media channels went on overload and the audience’s attention dropped. But as the viewer numbers went down, the prices to produce a book video went up. Because of all this many authors stopped believing book videos were even worth using as marketing tools for their books. I somewhat agree with them, as I believe they are not worth the investment unless you learn to utilize them effectively.

Book Videos are not a standalone tool anymore, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be effective as part of a strategy that includes different tools. Below are some ideas:

  1. As a complement to your book reviews. Imagine what a difference it could make if a possible reader for your book checking out reviews to decides whether or not to purchase your book has, on the same page, a book video right there to make the story come to life.
  2. As part of your media pitch. I know for a fact just how difficult it is to get the media to read your pitch. This is why we tend to write them short, to the point, and in sound bites. Their world moves from deadline to deadline, so it is understandable just how much they value their time. This is why including a link to a short book video on your pitch makes sense!
  3. Using a book video as part of a social media campaign. How many times do you check out videos posted on Facebook? Checking out these videos is something we all do once in a while. So getting your short book video shared by all of your friends, fans, family combined by a social media promoter is another way to make the most of your video!

These are some ways to use your video that prove they are still a great marketing tool, especially now when our audience attention spam has shortened by the internet as well as their time! For more information about our book video service click here.