How to do it all? Delegate!

I hate to admit this but, I am a control freak. This is why I am baffled that I am actually writing this editorial! I have never been able to let go of anything I am handling. I am not just talking about work, or projects. I am talking about everything that surrounds me! I am the one that has to organize every corner of my house, I am the one that has to prepare the meals, work in the garden, do the laundry, write everything, get gifts for friends and family…etc. I honestly convinced that my inability to let go is due to my conviction that no one else will do it as good as I do. Well, guess what. I was right, no one can do it like I do it; many will do it better!

 Lately, I have been so swamped that my energy levels and even health began to send me a message. I had to come to terms that it is actually humanly impossible to do everything and be everywhere at the same time, so I decided it was time to delegate some of the things I have been holding on tight. It wasn’t easy, and it took some training time, but to my surprise it is working!

I am not going to say things kept working as good as if I had done it myself.  In some cases it took a couple of tries but in all instances, it worked even better than if I had done it myself! And the best thing is that now I can actually do what I had been trying to tackle for a while and put off for lack of time. So if you have problems letting go of tasks to make room for other projects, here are some tips to make it easier:

  • Begin by delegating tasks that have no deadline. This will avoid the stress of last minute mistakes to correct.
  • Choose people you know can handle the work when delegating. For example: If you hire someone with zero computer experience, to post your blog entries, you will be frustrated and take it back on before the training is over.
  • Once the training is over, let it go. Don’t  micro-manage, You can keep track, and double check, but if there are mistakes have the new person deal with them instead of fixing them yourself.
  • For things you are not an expert, look for an expert to delegate to. For example: If maintaining your website is not your forte, find someone who knows what they are doing. In the end, your website will be updated faster and look better, which in turn will keep your audience coming back more often as well as generate new subscribers.
  • Find out what those tasks are that keep you from writing, or going out to promote your books at events, and delegate them to someone who can maybe even do them better than yourself!

Delegating has not come easy for me but it sure has made a difference on my own productivity as well as my business. There are few things I keep doing myself because I enjoy them so much, and yet as I develop my projects, I know I will have to let go of them at some point, and I am OK with that because letting go doesn’t mean I am not in the picture following up. It means that my presence expands as I make sure we succeed in helping our authors getting their stories out there. For more information on how we can help you check out our services, and take advantage of our weekly specials!