What Type of Story should you Write?

Many writers write about topics that are relevant to their lives, others write only within a specific genre; but all writers who are published want their work to be read. So what should writers who wish to make a living writing and publishing their books write about? Should they write what is relevant to them or produce a story based on what is trendy? I think they should do both.

Let’s face it, whether we like it or not big publishers create trends. I mean how many more vampires, werewolves and witches can we handle on books, cinema and TV? But they are not the only ones to create trends. The media creates trends just by broadcasting the news. I am not suggesting that we forget the story we want to share, what I am suggesting is to deliver the story in a way that is relevant to current times and trends. Here are some tips.

  • First determine what is the heart of the story? For example: You wish to write about the coming of age of an Italian boy during WWII in Italy. Is the heart of the story about the coming of age of a boy during a war or is it about an Italian boy during WWII? By determining the heart of the story the author will be able to be more creative in how to develop the plot and setting to make it more current and thus relevant to current times.
  • Decide how to deliver the story, and don’t look back. Taking the example above, the author can make the story current in two ways. If the heart the story for the author is just coming of age during a war, then the story could about an afghan boy during the War on Terror. If the heart of the story is an Italian boy during WWII, then the plot can be developed to be a recount of a survivor sharing the story in current times.
  • How open are we to change our original idea? Can the boy be a girl? A vampire? A witch?  You get the gist.

There is nothing wrong in writing what we want to write. In all honesty that is what I do. However, if your goal is sales and not just do what you love, writing what you want might not get you there. After all, what we want to write might not be what people want to read today. For more information on how Reader Views can help authors click here.