Authors can’t be Hermits if they want to Sell Books!

Many years ago the image of the writers was that of the mysterious loner, always pouring his/her stories from within in an old typewriter. Not anymore!

Reading, for fun or for information is just not what it used to be, and readers have evolved with the times.  With all the technological advances brought in through the development of the internet, people have accustomed themselves to massive loads of information daily. We get bombarded with all kinds of information through the TV, radio, phones, computers, tablets, etc., and the list grows by the minute!  Due to this constant connection to the internet and the overload of facts, stories, and images feeding our brains, readers have changed their ways. They are no longer satisfied with the mysterious loner author; they actually need to connect with the authors to be interested in their books.  On many occasions I have come to realize that most of people that purchased my book had actually looked into my bio, listened to one of my interviews, read my blog, met me at one of my events, or even interacted with me through Reader Views before purchasing the book.  It is a fact, readers want to know about the author, and the author needs to be credible and genuine in the book’s topic or genre to be successful. The only way to do this is by staying connected to the audience and keep updated in their topic. Here are some tips:

  • Stay Updated –Staying updated in the topic you write about is not just for nonfiction authors. In order for fiction novels to be successful they need to be credible. This demands extensive research from the author, which in turn makes the author an expert on the researched topic.  Keeping their knowledge level current on the researched topic can guarantee speaking events, interviews and media attention, which is the some of the best ways to promote books. It is up to the author to update themselves by reading and even writing articles and books in the topic or genre he/she writes. Commenting on other authors and writers from his own genre through their blogs, book clubs, and even by reviewing books will also help in keeping the author updated as well as securing a presence in the author’s target market.
  • Stay Connected to Readers – Staying connected with the audience and other authors is crucial for the author as it keeps him/her present, whether online or through the media, and being connected benefits authors in many other ways.
  • By constantly connecting with other authors, information is shared which helps in staying updated. This information creates discussions which generates new ideas, new projects, and new collaborating opportunities as well.
  • By staying connected with the audience, the author is able to determine the needs and likes of his fans. This knowledge will not just help in creating a marketable story, but it will also give the author a head start on the market through his connections. 

Authors should not underestimate readers. Our readers, although always in search for entertainment, are also more knowledgeable of current events, other cultures, science, history, and geography thanks to the internet. They expect well written, relevant books that also provide entertainment.  How can we provide this if we stay locked up within ourselves?  For more information on how Reader Views can help authors click here.