Categories and Literary Awards

With the end of the summer, the deadline for our Literary Awards gets closer and closer and the submissions keep piling in. It is the perfect time to share some awards wisdom with our authors!

  • Each Literary Awards contest has their guidelines, categories and submission form. So when submitting to different contests it is always a good idea to keep a log that not only keeps track of when you sent each one, but also shows the guidelines, fees, categories you submitted…etc. Doing this will help keeping track of the current submissions, but it will also create a chart with information about each contest which will be helpful for upcoming books.
  • Authors are right to assume that the genre of the title submitted should be the main category picked to be judged in. But does this mean that it must be the only one? The answer is no. A Literary Novel, for example, could also be Historical Fiction, Mystery, Thriller or all of the above! So considering submitting the title in few different categories. Even submitting the title in a different category for different awards should be considered to improve the chances of scoring an award!
  •  Choosing which category to pick when submitting a title in an awards competition is important mostly because the category will determine the judge who will be reading the book. If the author picks, for example, General Fiction for their Christian Fiction Novel title, the judge in the general fiction category might not be the right person to review it, as it might be someone who doesn’t really read Christian Fiction novels. This is why it is imperative that the chosen category is the one that best fits the book’s topic.

In the end, all submitters are shooting to win. When shooting to win, competitors need to make sure they give their submission the best possible chance. In my opinion the key is in categorizing the book correctly, and even submitting in different categories that are applicable to the book’s topic as some categories are generalized and thus will have more submitters than more specific ones. In other words, the less quantity of titles in a category the better chances to make it, and the more categories submitted the more chances to be picked as finalist or winner. Keeping all this straight and organized will also help strategizing submissions and make it easier for the next title. For more information about the Reader Views Literary Awards click here.