New Year, New Literary Awards Guidelines

At the end of the year, some people like to take a moment to revisit the past events and gather learned lessons in order to begin the New Year on the right foot. Here at Reader Views we try to keep processes and the fees the same in an effort to maintain our services and keep our old customers comfortable and familiar to how things work. However, time, growth, and Industry advances do take a toll making processes archaic and some fees impossible to keep the same. As we revisited last year’s flow on Reader Views Literary Awards, we realized that a big increase on submissions caused a delay on the winner announcement of the 2014 Awards pushing it into April 2015, as we struggled with the registration and judging processes and the deadlines. This fact called for action as further analysis foresees an increase of published books for the coming years.

As we brainstormed to find a better way to do things, we took into account some feedback from submitter's, and realized that many didn't get to participate in the Awards, as their books copyright and publication came after the submission deadline. Furthermore, many of the books that made the deadline at the last minute were published after October 31st which made very difficult for the author and publisher to get the submission in on time.

So, I am very happy to announce some changes to our guidelines that will make participation easier for those books that come out on the last quarter of the year. Having said that, changing our system and processes on registration, cataloging entries will require extra time and effort as well as an increase of the pool of judges; in turn this will translate in monetary investment which will need to be covered through the submission fee.  Our goal is to keep the accessibility of this Award intact, so we only added the minimum necessary to cover the extra costs, and to make it worthwhile to participants we are adding categories, Awards opportunities, and changing the qualifying guidelines and deadlines to give more options to authors to participate.

All these changes will be posted on the website as soon as we get them figured out and prizes get confirmed by sponsors, so keep visiting the Awards page often, and checking out our Breaking News section of our Newsletter! We are very excited with the new opportunities this will bring to our authors, and can hardly wait to see all the new titles 2015 will bring!