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Love Imagined: A Mixed Race Memoir (2 Copies)
Sherry Quan Lee
Modern History Press
ISBN: 9781615992331

Love Imagined is an American woman's unique struggle for identity.

"Joining the long history of women of color fighting to claim literary space to tell our stories, Sherry Quan Lee shares her truth with fierce courage and strength in Love Imagined. ... Quan Lee crafts a riveting tale of Minnesota life set within the backdrop of racial segregation, the Cold War, the sexual revolution while navigating it all through the lens of her multi-layered identities. A true demonstration of the power of an intersectional perspective."

--Kandace Creel Falcón, Ph.D., Director of Women's and Gender Studies, Minnesota State University, Moorhead

"Love Imagined: this fascinating, delightful, important book. This imagining love, this longing for love. This poverty of No Love, this persistent racism, sexism, classism, ageism. The pain these evils cause the soul...This is an important document of a mixed-race contemporary woman, a memoir about her family lineages back to slavery, back to China, back to early Minneapolis, and about the struggle of finding herself in all of these."

--Sharon Doubiago, author of My Father's Love

"When I read Sherry's story [Love Imagined], I recognized feelings and meanings that mirrored mine. I felt a sense of release, an exhale, and I knew I could be understood by her in a way that some of my family and friends are unable to grasp, through no fault of their own. It's the Mixed experience. Sherry Lee's voice, her story, will no doubt touch and heal many who read it."

--Lola Osunkoya, MA Founder of Neither/Both LLC, Mixed-Race Community Building and Counseling

Homeless Narratives & Pretreatment Pathways: From Words to Housing (2 Copies)
Jay S. Levy
Loving Healing Press
ISBN: 9781615990269

On any given night, there are over 643,000 homeless people residing in shelters and on the streets across America. What can we do to help?

"Levy crafts stories of characters who sear the memory: Old Man Ray, the World War II veteran who resents the VA system and regards himself as the de facto night watchman at Port Authority; Ben who claims to be a prophet disowned in his own country, crucified by the government and enslaved by poverty finds a bridge to the mainstream services and a path to housing through the common language of religious metaphors, including redemption and forgiveness; and Andrew who has been 'mentally murdered' is helped to understand his own situation and gain disability benefits through the language of trauma; among others.

These stories are deftly interwoven with theory and practice as Levy constructs his developmental model of the engagement and pretreatment process. The outreach worker strives to understand the language and the culture of each homeless individual, builds a bridge to the mainstream services, and helps those providers to understand the special circumstances of these vulnerable people. Levy bears witness to the courage of these pilgrims who wander the streets of our cities, and his poignant book is a testament to the healing power of trusting and enduring relationships."

--Jim O'Connell, MD - President and Street Physician for Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program

The reader will...

Experience moving real life stories that demystify homeless outreach and its central objectives and challenges.
Learn about effective strategies of outreach & engagement with under-served populations.
Understand and be able to utilize the stages of common language construction in your own practice.
Learn about pretreatment principles and their applications with persons experiencing untreated major mental illness, addiction, and medical issues.
Discover new interventions via outreach counseling, advocacy and case management with people experiencing long-term or chronic homelessness.
Understand how to better integrate policy, programs (e.g. Housing First), and supervision with homeless outreach initiatives.

Rope   (3 Copies)
M. Ketsia Theodore-Pharel
Belgazel Books
ISBN: 9780692721544

It is 1925, under the guise of peace-keeping, the U.S. is ten-years deep into it's invasion of Haiti. Colvin Donner is the best U.S. Marine tracker and he is sent to capture an elusive rebel hero, Chango Champagne Pepla. Colvin soon discovers the reason why the rebel movement is alive and successful. Consequently, he unleashes a series of inhumane acts that will not only have implications for his personal life but the entire nation when he does capture Chango. After Chango is hung with Colvin’s cursed rope, Colvin returns to the United States only to experience some eerie and unexplainable death phenomena involving the rope. These events drive him back to Haiti where he and his son engage in evangelism. In 1945, Colvin’s son, Robert meets Moiselle, a country girl with dreams of leaving Haiti. She believes that her only option is to marry a foreigner. She and Robert fall for each other, but what they discover about themselves as they try to make a life under the shadow of the cursed rope is more sinister than they could have imagined.

Slimming Simplified: A Fresh Approach (2 Copies)
L.A. Justice
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781530414963

This fresh approach to an age-old dilemma is packed with important information about food and the choices we make for cooking at home and eating out. This small volume is packed with inspiring stories from people who’ve gained and lost weight—as well as the lowdown skinny on reading labels, sugar, salt and content of foods, how food is broken down in the body and the best choices for eating out. The last chapter offers 99 tasty tidbits for winning the weight-loss battle.

Finding Sally (1 Copy)
L.A. Justice
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781534750203

This sequel to Saving Dakota stands on its own as a fun-packed adventure about a middle-aged woman stranded in Thailand without money, visa, or passport who must find her way home. In doing so she finds her true self. Destined to become an anthem for women everywhere! You'll laugh out loud as Sally struggles to find herself.

Little Miss HISTORY Travels to MOUNT VERNON (1 Copy)
Barbara Ann Mojica  
eugenus® STUDIOS
ISBN: 9780988503076

Who was George Washington? Washington is best known as America's first president, but he was also a military hero. If you asked George Washington what he really wanted to be, he would reply, "a farmer." Seeking to revolutionize antiquated 18th century farming methods, Washington experimented with crop rotation, fertilizers, plowing and plants. The Mount Vernon Ladies Association began restoring his estate to its former glory in 1853. Today the buildings, grounds and The Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Education Center reveal the real Father of the United States of America.

Van Ripplewink: You Can't Go Home Again (3 Copies)
Paul Clayton
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781534743779

Van wakes in a dark, muddy field. Confused, he heads home and his situation soon becomes alarming; everything has changed -- the cars, the buildings, and the people. Attacked by a violent gang and rescued by Charles, a kindly black man, Van arrives home to find his parents gone and strangers living in his house. With the aid of Charles, his beautiful young niece, and a violent, alcoholic homeless man, Van fights for a place in this new unrecognizable world by supplying a now-rare commodity…truth.

Unassimilated (3 Copies)
Michael Benzehabe
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781535350310

Zoe Mousa thinks immigrating to the U.S. is her key to happiness. After arriving, she works hard to repay an emotional debt owed to Sarah and Jamileh, two Muslim sisters who provided love and family after her Jewish parents were murdered in Iran. Despite Zoe’s best efforts, their reunion is sidetracked when she uncovers an emerging cyber war. Amidst the rising tensions, a young Christian professor takes a bold interest in Zoe, but he adds too many layers to her already complex life. When love and culture collide, her worst flaws surface. That’s when she realizes she’s not a victim of prejudice. She’s a perpetrator. Immigration isn’t the solution to everything. Her unrealistic expectations melt away with time and maturity. “Why did I bother to come,” Zoe asks. "In a world on fire, maybe America is nothing more than the last burning house on the block."

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