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Prince Preemie: A Tale of a Tiny Puppy Who Arrives Early  (2 Copies)
Jewel Kats
Loving Healing Press
ISBN: 9781615993062

The King and Queen of Puppy Kingdom are joyfully awaiting the arrival of their Prince. But the couple and their kingdom are thrown into upheaval when it is learned that Prince Puppy will arrive early, before his important crown is completed. How can they call him Prince without a crown? Discover how the King solves this problem in Prince Preemie: A Tale of a Tiny Puppy Who Arrives Early. Children will be swept away into this dreamy, fairy tale land of adorable dogs created from wool.

Winners: Nora Zajac, Robyn Bryant

Beacon (1 Copy)
November Ellison
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN:  9781523435395

Pastor Joanna Benally leads a double life. On the outside, she’s dedicated to the work of turning around troubled churches. But inside, she is lonely and unfulfilled, keeping everyone at arm’s length to hide the shameful secrets of her past. When Jo is sent to Newark, Ohio, on church business, she is knocked off her feet by a handsome redheaded young man who claims he is Cain, history’s oldest murderer—and a vampire. He’s taken it upon himself to butcher sinners, sadistically using his telepathic abilities to enjoy his victims’ terror and pain. As Jo struggles with the ethical dilemma of how to respond to this murderer, Cain slowly dismantles her carefully constructed isolation. Then, when Jo kills two men in self-defense, an unexpected chain of events ushers her into a reality she never imagined possible. She learns she’s a “beacon,” a genetically marked vessel for the magnetic power that enables vampires to feed off of humans. As danger and betrayal emerge in unexpected places and the line between good and evil blurs, Jo must choose between the truth of radical love and the safety of false appearances. Action-packed, romantic, and thought provoking, Beacon explores the possibility that vampirism is both scientifically possible and part of God’s plan.

Winner: Christine Reynolds

Rope   (3 Copies)
M. Ketsia Theodore-Pharel
Belgazel Books
ISBN: 9780692721544

It is 1925, under the guise of peace-keeping, the U.S. is ten-years deep into it's invasion of Haiti. Colvin Donner is the best U.S. Marine tracker and he is sent to capture an elusive rebel hero, Chango Champagne Pepla. Colvin soon discovers the reason why the rebel movement is alive and successful. Consequently, he unleashes a series of inhumane acts that will not only have implications for his personal life but the entire nation when he does capture Chango. After Chango is hung with Colvin’s cursed rope, Colvin returns to the United States only to experience some eerie and unexplainable death phenomena involving the rope. These events drive him back to Haiti where he and his son engage in evangelism. In 1945, Colvin’s son, Robert meets Moiselle, a country girl with dreams of leaving Haiti. She believes that her only option is to marry a foreigner. She and Robert fall for each other, but what they discover about themselves as they try to make a life under the shadow of the cursed rope is more sinister than they could have imagined.

Winners: Jeffrey Antill, Raymond Krentz, Joseph Dubey

2nd Sight: Capturing Insight Volume 1 (2 Copies)
Ben Sharpton
Limitless Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9781680586794

Scott Moore struggles with strange hallucinations--blurry visions of others in exciting and frightening situations. They come without warning and with enough punch to bring a grown man to his knees... Some of them seem to come true, but he can't be sure.

Whn parapsychologist, Dr. Paul Blackwell, offers to help Scott control these visions, the two begin an extraordinary journey of challenges and discovery. But special talents can be used to help or to harm, and the line between these may be razor-thin.

Sometimes special gifts can be deadly...

Winners: Cameron Swinko, Emily Simmons

The 3rd Option (2 Copies)
Ben A. Sharpton
Belle Isle Books
ISBN: 9780985935849

Allan Chappel enrolled in seminary to change the world, but people lied and people died, and he turned in his clerical collar for an office cubicle. Now, years later, the ghosts of his past are back to haunt him, and they're uglier and more powerful than before. When the offices of a new medical think tank called Inc.Ubator are destroyed in a fiery blast, Allan finds himself the prime suspect and the target of an international manhunt. Forced into hiding, he sets out to find the terrorists responsible and clear his name. But his quest for answers only leads to more questions: What were the researchers at Inc.Ubator hiding? And who was willing to spill blood to keep their work a secret? Allan must stay alive long enough to untwist the truth. Unfortunately, the forces opposing him will stop at nothing to prevent the release of the 3rd Option.

Winners: Samantha Alvarez, Gina Greenwood

If You Want It You Can Get It (2 Copies)
LA Justice
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781535340588

This practical book is chock full of hands-on techniques and tips to make you think positively and pinpoint the factors that prevent you from achieving your dreams. Proving points with both female and male role models, this user-friendly handbook could easily be called Life 101. The chapters include tips on finding happiness, having financial security, gaining peace of mind, receiving and giving love, becoming empowered and successful, improving your health and gaining respect from others as well as having self-respect. The final chapter holds up two of today’s celebrities to illustrate the points in the book about believing in your own abilities to get what you really want. This book is easy to read can be used as a daily reminder about living and enjoying life.

Winners: Kurt Barker, Daniel Mahoney

Van Ripplewink: You Can't Go Home Again (3 Copies)
Paul Clayton
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781534743779

Van wakes in a dark, muddy field. Confused, he heads home and his situation soon becomes alarming; everything has changed -- the cars, the buildings, and the people. Attacked by a violent gang and rescued by Charles, a kindly black man, Van arrives home to find his parents gone and strangers living in his house. With the aid of Charles, his beautiful young niece, and a violent, alcoholic homeless man, Van fights for a place in this new unrecognizable world by supplying a now-rare commodity…truth.

Winners: Richard Barrientos, Carla Thompson, Anne Hoisington

Unassimilated (3 Copies)
Michael Benzehabe
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781535350310

Zoe Mousa thinks immigrating to the U.S. is her key to happiness. After arriving, she works hard to repay an emotional debt owed to Sarah and Jamileh, two Muslim sisters who provided love and family after her Jewish parents were murdered in Iran. Despite Zoe’s best efforts, their reunion is sidetracked when she uncovers an emerging cyber war. Amidst the rising tensions, a young Christian professor takes a bold interest in Zoe, but he adds too many layers to her already complex life. When love and culture collide, her worst flaws surface. That’s when she realizes she’s not a victim of prejudice. She’s a perpetrator. Immigration isn’t the solution to everything. Her unrealistic expectations melt away with time and maturity. “Why did I bother to come,” Zoe asks. "In a world on fire, maybe America is nothing more than the last burning house on the block."

Winners: Linda Asmussen, Emily Marsten, Kimberly Seibert


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