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 How Dare We! Write: A Multicultural Creative Writing Discourse
(2 Copies)
Sherry Quan lee
Modern History Press
ISBN: 9781615993307   

How Dare We! Write: a multicultural creative writing discourse offers a much needed corrective to the usual dry and uninspired creative writing pedagogy. The collection asks us to consider questions, such as "What does it mean to work through resistance from supposed mentors, to face rejection from publishers and classmates, and to stand against traditions that silence you?" and "How can writers and teachers even begin to make diversity matter in meaningful ways on the page, in the classroom, and on our bookshelves?"

Rogue Waves (2 Copies)
J.A. Anderson
Independently Published
ISBN 9781980263791

Classic case of wrong place at the wrong time. Sienna's only hope of survival is Agent Colt Masters. Colt and Sienna must work together to solve the case, but first they must learn to trust each other.

A Dime is a Sign: Poems of Love and Loss  (1 Copy)
Sherrill S. Cannon
Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC
ISBN: 9781949483208

A psychic medium once said that if you find a random dime, it is a sign that someone that you have loved and lost is thinking of you.

Sherrill S. Cannon's second book of poetry contains messages written through the years in poetic form that put feelings into words. As a teacher, many of her poems helped counsel troubled teens and friends.

There are three sections in the book: Heads, Spinning, and Tails ... (Love & Loss: Coin Toss?). The variety of lyrical poetry forms include free verse, blank verse, haiku, and sonnets, while some are just playing with words!

Second Chance ( 1 Copy)
Gang Luo
Lee Stone 2018

After long term suffering from dozens of serious disorders, Gang Luo managed to surprise everyone with his healthy glow and decades-younger appearance on the way to his eighties and became the envy of his, and the younger, generation. 

An inspirational story of struggle and recovery, friendship and loyalty, this is one man’s true account of battling to a victory over liver diseases and numerous serious conditions, and survival in a chaotic period of human history. With the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine masters, and furthered by the healing power of natural herbal medicine combined with food therapy, he finally triumphed over menacing illnesses and came to radiance at an advanced age approaching to eighty.

The House Always Wins (1 Copy)
Brian Rouff
Huntington Press
ISBN: 9781944877064

Anna Christiansen’s small-town life is about to go haywire. A young reporter stuck in a dead-end job, Anna falls head over heels for an interview subject, the bass player in an up-and-coming alt band. In short order, she pulls up stakes, moves to Las Vegas, gets married and pregnant, and moves into a big fixer-upper haunted by the ghost of a Sin City racketeer.

That’s when she receives a letter from a corrupt casino owner that he’s buying up all the properties on her street to make way for a parking lot. But Anna has poured her heart and soul into the house, and digs in hard to fight the system, not the easiest of tasks in a city where bribery, mayhem, and murder are standard operating procedures. Can Anna’s tough-guy ghost provide the help she needs to prevail in this dangerous cat-and-mouse game? Will Anna’s life be left in ruins? Or worse?

Part road trip, part coming-of-age saga, part mystery, part ghost story, The House Always Wins is all Vegas.

Scarlet Reign: Malice of the Dark Witch (3 Copies)
R.D. Crist
ShoRic Publishing
ISBN: 9780999882207

After the unexplainable death of her mother on the eve of Natalie’s fourteenth birthday, she is suddenly forced to grow up. Compelled to leave her dismal and deceptive life behind by a mysterious woman who claims to be an old relative, Natalie carries with her the highly coveted, scarlet stoned ring she reluctantly retrieved from her mother upon her death. Following Natalie’s irreversible decision, she unexpectedly finds herself alone and thrust into a peculiar all female orphanage where her arrival was strangely anticipated by the inhabitants, and greeted by some with ire. Ultimately, young Natalie must quickly learn to fend for herself against bullies, unexplained forces, a male suitor, and something lurking for revenge. Does she have both the strength and resolve, and can she set the past aside, to uncover the secrets necessary in order to fulfill her destiny?

Rosco the Rascal In the Land of Snow (3 Copies)
Shana Gorian
ISBN: 9781503090996

This second adventure in the Rosco the Rascal series will keep readers guessing from the start. Fifth grader James and his second grade sister, Mandy, are building snowmen and sled riding down steep hills on their winter family vacation.

Amid the fun, they don’t realize it’s a coyote pup, lost and frightened, that's been poking around their cabin in the snow. It’s Rosco who discovers the identity of the wild creature first, so he sets out on his own to help the pup.

When the kids finally unravel the mystery, it’s almost too late to rescue the poor creature, which now finds itself in even more trouble. It’s up to brother and sister to use their wits in a sticky situation, yet trust their rascal-turned-hero dog to help.

*All books in the Rosco the Rascal series are standalone and can be read in any order.

The Smoking Nun (2 Copies)
Ann J. Temkin
Ann J. Temkin (2018)
ISBN: 9780692095287

The Smoking Nun is a timely story of passion, love, conflict and betrayal. Set in the era of the Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam War, this memoir recounts one complex woman’s love of God, suffering humanity, and a man. A story within a story, Temkin unveils a secret she held for years and never thought she would tell, but does so within a larger story of meaningfulness, hope, and an unending trust in the adventure of life. She asks the reader this question: Would you consider her secret a # Me Too story? Temkin no longer smokes cigarettes and is no longer a nun, but she maintains all of her belief in the holiness of the human heart, her daring spirit, and her quest for connectedness with God and the wide diversity of human persons.

How to be the REAL You (2 Copies)
Darity Wesley
Lotus Wisdom Publishing
ISBN: 978-0999542521


This book provides processes, tools and practices to take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment. Learn how to break free from old patterns of conditioning and awaken to a stronger and more authentic sense of who you really are. Feel more in harmony with yourself and the world, more at ease, more confident.  

Topics include becoming more aware of your thoughts and emotions, releasing the need to judge yourself and others, freeing yourself from the past, developing your intuition, letting go of the need to defend yourself, living more fully in the present, becoming more honest, speaking your truth, following your heart and much, much more!

Whether you are seeking deep and significant personal change, or are simply curious to learn more about yourself, How To Be the REAL You provides a plan that can support and guide you on an extraordinary journey of personal growth and spiritual evolution. How to be the REAL you!

Breast Cancer Meets Mindfulness (5 copies)
Cheryl Wilfong
Heart Path Press
ISBN: 9780997272963

Surprised by breast cancer, Cheryl responds from the depth of her meditation practice. Friends offer worry and chicken soup, fear and support, unwanted advice and helpful suggestions. Accepting life-as-it-is leads, one mindful moment at a time, to peace of mind.

Cyber Seventy-Seven (3 Copies)
RL Blaisdell
Independently Published
ISBN: 9781731500304

Blaze and Carla Heaton planned to retire from the cyber-counter-terror business after their last adventure destroyed a Russian Mafia scheme and brought down a corrupt administration. And, then someone began stealing bitcoins from US cabinet members and the newly elected President pulled them back into the intrigue. Aboard their luxury Seventy-Seven foot Catamaran, the Heaton's, their dog Kindle, and their Artificial Intelligence System named Kat take on a cabal of financiers exploiting the global crypto-currency markets. In order to stay alive, they will have to defeat killers, storms, hackers, and politicians as they criss-cross the the oceans. Equal parts cyber, sailing, and crypto conspiracy Blaze and Carla's adventure will make you question everything you thought you knew about bitcoin, crypto currencies, and the people promoting them.

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