Literary Awards Finalists for 2014-2015

Children – Toddler to 5

Strangers on the High Seas, Carole P.Roman, Red Feather Publishing
If You were Me and Lived in… South Korea, Carole P. Roman, CreateSpace
Later Gator, in A While Crocodile, Mike Fortunato, Outskirts Press

Children – Early Reader, age 6 to 8

Planting a Seed inside Myself, Juliana Mendonca, Planting a Seed Books 
Manner-Man, Sherill S.Cannon, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
My Pack, Walter F.Todd, Outskirts Press

Children – Young Reader, ages 8 to 12

Rabbit Turds, Susan Froehlich & Jonathan Rodman, Beaver’s Pond Press
The Lost Secret of Dragonfire, Tiffany Turner, Trafford Publishing
Night Buddies, Sands Hetherington, Dune Buggy Press

Teen – age 12 to 16

The Last Buffalo, Ed Kienzle, Outskirts Press 
Spartanica, Powers Molinar, Sapertys Enterprises
Selkie, Diana Bastine, Helm Publishing

Young Adult – age 15 to 18

Keeper of Reign,  Emma Right, Telemachus Press
Children of the Knight, Michael J. Bowler, Harmony Ink
Deviation, Christine Manzari, CreateSpace


The Threaded Gem Adventure, Malana Ashlie, Tortuga Publishing
The Map, Boni Lonnsburry, Inner Art Inc.
Do Not Go Quietly, George & Sedena Cappannelli, Agape Media International


The Guardian Chronicles, Craig Gaydas, CreateSpace
Queen Mab, Kate Danley, CreateSpace
Gambit of the Glass Crowns, Ethan Risso, Rookpen Publishing


The Forest Dark, Jim Arnold, CreateSpace
Haze, Michael Chavez, Regal Crest Enterprises
Secrets of the Other Side, Eric Gober, Regal Crest Enterprises

General Fiction/Novel

The Prodigal, Michael Hurley, RagBagger Press
The Grace of Crows, Tracy Shawn, Cherokee McGhee L.L.C.
Surviving 26th Street, Carol June Stover, Publish America
If I Never Went Home, Ingrid Persaud, Blue China Press
Imperfect Pairings, Jackie Townsend, Ripetta Press
TaNellie, Richmond Lafayette Holton, Outskirts Press


3 Off the Tee: No Excuses, Lorii Myers, Leda Publishing Corp.
Remember Thou Art Mortal, Atul Uchil PhD, Outskirts Press
Beanalicious Living, Elizabeth Borelli, Self Health Cafè 

Historical Fiction

Between the Cross and the Crescent Moon, Richard F. Zanner, Outskirts Press 
Good to Her, Enid Harlow, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
Fall Down Seven, C.E. Edmonson, WinePress Publishing


Christian Controversies, Scott S. Haraburda PhD, Meaningful Publications 
ClanDonnell, David K. McDonnell, Burrowing Owl Press
Moving with the Seasons, Liza F.Carter, Saltwind Press


Caledonia Switch, Steven Lane Smith, Outskirts Press 
Brain, Dermot Davis, Expression Unleashed Publishing
Viva Laughter, Patrick Shannon, Outskirts Press


The Year After, Ashley Warner, CreateSpace
The Last One, Marin R. Yann, Outskirts Press
Washing Cars &Wasting Time, John C. Oliva, Orange Hat Publishing
Sable Shadow & The Presence, William Peace, Strategic Book Publihing and Rights Co.


Don’t Cry Over Killed Milk, Stephen Kaminski, Cozy Cat Press 
Stunner, Niki Danforth, Pancora Press
The Magdalene Mystery, Christine Sunderland, OakTara Publishers
Letters from the Dead, George R. Hopkins, Outskirts Press
Cold Coast, Jennifer LeClair, Conquill Press
Brood X, Michael Phillip, Cash, Red Feather Publishing


The Truth & Nothing But, Nayan Tara Kar, Outskirts Press
The Missing Pages, Christina Brockett, Stella Maris Press LLC
Is My Child Autistic or Delayed?, Susan Louise  Peterson, Vilnius Press


Preposthumous Poetry, Irwin Jack Nissman, Outskirts Press


Christianity Karma and Reincarnation, Michael J. Andrisano Sr., Outskirts Press
Narcissistic Confrontations, Sister Renee Pittelli, Outskirts Press
Prayers for Travelers, Thomas Markley, Outskirts Press

Romance Novel

Darkness Falls, Ann Marie Kazutomi, K.U. International, Inc.
The Love Trap, Vera Steppeler, Outskirts Press
Studs and Stilettos, Bev Pettersen, Westerhall Books
Infidel: Kafir, Bernard Macdonald, Outskirts Press
Buried Threads, Kaylin McFarren, CreateSpace

Science Fiction

D’mok Revival: Awakening, Michael Zummo, Zummo Books, LLC
Reckoning, Dina Geof-Craigs with Vincent M.Wales, DGC Press
Reader, Erec Stebbins, Twice Pi Press

Self Help

Taking the Fall, Summer Miller, Outskirts Press
Breaking Eggs, Lucia Amsden, Outskirts Press
Life Is Full of Sweet Spots, Mary O’Connor, Abbott Press

Societal Issues

Neurolegislation, Ben Compan  CPA, Outskirts Press
Before Terror Strikes, William Michael Seddon Sr, Outskirts Press
Rational Polemics, Richard Todd Devens, Outskirts Press


Echoes in the Universe, Leonard Goodwin, CreateSpace
The Legacy Letters, Carew Papritz, King Northern Publishing
The Power of Letting Go, Nicholas Corin L.Ac., Avisha Publishing


I Guess We Missed the Boat, Barry Finlay, General Store Publishing
A Nantucket Experience, Shellie Dunlap, Outskirts Press
Moving with the Seasons, Liza F. Carter, Saltwind Press


Shadow Game, Darryl Sollerh, Del Oro Company
Souls of Darkness, Eleanor T Beaty, Q Publishing