One effective and popular way of reaching your readingaudience is through internet radio interviews.  Since people are more internetknowledgeable, have less time to read, yet want more information, why not givethem the opportunity to “hear” about your book.

Live author interviews – up to 30 minutes

We offer to interview you live.  Again, this is another option of giving yourpotential reading audience an opportunity to find out more about yourbook. 


Interviews will run between 20 and 30 minutes.

If a review of your publication has not been provided, please go to submission guidelines.  We suggest that you consider one of the express packages that they provide to expedite the process as well as take the opportunity for additional perks. If you don't want a review, we will interview you anyway.

The review on Reader Views will link to the live interview.

The live interview/reading will be posted on your author page on Inside Scoop Live. You are encouraged to link to your author page from your website and/or download the mp3 for your marketing use. Also, download to mp3 will be available as well as automatic stream when the visitor goes to your page.

Your interview will be broadcast on And, we post the interview on iTunes and the podcasts are syndicated through RSS feed on over 30 directories.

Inside Scoop Live will provide an author page which will include a synopsis of the book, bio and photo of the author, links to Reader Views review and author website as well as the live interview.

All interviews are featured on as well as (Often more than once!)

After completing the submission form we will contact you to set up a date and time for your interview/reading. We will also require an author bio, a synopsis of the book, and a jpeg or gif headshot of the author.  Photo must be sizable to 100 px.

Cost $135.00


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