Mercy Me, Mary Tyler (06/16)

Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural

2050, Thomas E. Berry, Ph.D., (08/18/16)
Arms From The Sea, Rich Shapero ( Galley - 04/15/2016)
Beneath The Bridge, Jason L. Henderson (10/2016)
Birthrights, J. Kyle McNeal (12/2016)
Eko, Loren Walker (10/2016)

Morpheus Kane and the Sloboda Amulet: Book Three, Kelly Scidmore-Sievers (06/16)
Olivia's Story, David L. Dahl (10/15/16)

The Gospel of Damascus, Omar Imady (10/16)




Bread of Angels, Tessa Afshar (3/17)
Catching the Wind, Melanie Dobson (5/17)
Choose to Rise: The Victory Within (06/17)
Come to a Memory, Frances Webb (5/17)
Gideon: The Sound and The Glory, Joseph Ganci (4/17)
Greywycke, Roger Davis (09/2016)
Hidden By The Leaves, S. D. L. Curry (3/17)
No Man's Land, Michael Califra (3/17)
Robbing The Pillars, Kalen Vaughan Johnson (3/17)
The Brass Compass by Ellen Butler (06/17)
The Promises of Breeze Hill, Pam Hillman (05/17)


Back to the Rat, Larry Rochelle (08/09/2016)
Behind The Door, A. Gavazzoni (5/17)
Chilly Dogs, Larry Rochelle (08/09/2016)
Climatized: A Max Ford Thriller, Sally Fernandez 10/15/16)
Death of a Kootch Show Girl, Corey Recko
Death, Steals and a Holy Book, Rosemary and Larry Mild, (09/16)
Escape Velocity, Susan Wolfe,  (08/18/16)
Exodus '95 by Kfir Luzzatto (6/17)
Jelly Balls, Larry Rochelle (08/09/2016)
Killing Karaoke, Larry Rochelle (08/09/2016)
Lara's Journal, A. Gavazzoni (5/17)
Let the Dead Bury the Dead, David Carlson, (ARC) 6/17
Lights Out Summer, Rich Zahradnik (ARC) 6/17
Meridian, Andrew Ceroni (06/16)
Murder is Chartered, Diane Weiner (5/17)
Murder on Pea Pike by Jean Harrington (6/17)
Naked Alliances, S. K. Nicholls (12/16)
Payback, Leslie Hachtel (3/17)
River City Dead, Nancy G. West, (6/17)
The Bronx Kill, Philip Cioffari (3/17)
That Weekend in Albania, Peter J. Meehan (09/2016)
The Case of the Hound Who Didn't Stay, Georgann Prochaska (08/18/16)
The Criminalist, John Houde (5/17)
The Curse of the Bridal Chamber, Hunter Murphy (Galley -  06/16) 
The 5 Manners of Death by Darden North (6/17)
The Katanga, Norman Kelley (08/09/2016)
The Last Confession, Pat Kelley Brunjes (4/17)
The Nutting Girl by Fred DeVecca (6/17)
The Right Wrong Number, Jim Nesbitt (3/17)
Whisper in the Wind, Eolane (07/21/16)
Wicked Truth, Lyn Gibson (3/17)


Another Life, Tom Mckay (1/17)
Bittersweet Memories, Lynn Osterkamp (05/17)

Karma and The Art of Butter Chicken, Monica Bhide (11/16)
Laurel's Choices, Exie Wilde Henson (10/15/16)
Longing for Home, Lisa M. Wayman (3/17)
Love Give Us One Death, Jeff P. Jones (09/2016)
Naomi and Her Friends, Alan Morrison-Topping (10/15/16)
No More Tears - A Novel, Joseph J. Sollish (3/2017)
Once Upon A Tablecloth, Leslie Hachtel (3/17)
Rough Water Baptism, Albert Norton, Jr. (4/17)
The Cocaspore Project, William Claypool (10/2016) 
The Irish Tempest, Elizabeth Sparrow (10/15/16)
The Plan, Kelly Bennett Seiler (09/16)
The Quest for Kismet, Ghie Yuu (10/15/16)

Religion, Spirituality

All In For Him: Twenty One Devotions for College Athletes, Gwen Thielges, (4/17)
Faith in Crisis, Jim and Shirley Carroll (4/17)
Living in Water, Alex Z. Moores,  (09/16)

Still Listening: How to Hear God's Direction at Life's Crossroads, Dr. Susan Vitalis (1/17)
When You're Shoved from the Right, Look to Your Left (10/2016)
Who Told You That You Were Naked?, William E. Combs (4/17)


Loving Vivienne, Christina George (4/17)
Surface Paradise, Allen Green (08/18/16)
The Divide, Jolina Petercheim (3/17)
The Women Who Love Rome, London Tracy -ARC (not in Amazon) (09/16)
Uphill, Zohra G. Salahuddin (1/17)

Science Fiction

The Killing Flower, W.K, Dwyer (5/17)

Short Stories

The Expense of a View, Polly Buckingham ARC uncorrected proof (07/21/16)
Biketopia, Elly Blue (3/17)



Art/ Entertainment

Action Stories Hollywood Overlooked...For Now!, Whit Whitley, (08/18/16)
Audition Monologues For Young Men, Geral Lee Ratliff and Patrick Rainville Dorn (06/16)
Power Plays, Laurie Allen (06/16)
Collect Value Divest: The Savvy Appraiser, Elizabeth Stewart Ph.D (1/17)




Clear Seeing Place, Brian Rutenberg (11/2016)




Alert Medical Series: Emergency Medicine Alert 1, Ala Sarraj, MD (11/16)
No One Ever Drowned In Sweat, Scott Petinga (3/17)
Pregnancy is a Real Mother, Jeffrey L. Zweig, MD (06/16)
Surviving In An Ever-Changing HealthCare Industry, Donna Gault (11/16)

History, Science, Politics, Social Issues

A Faltering American Dream, Robert W. Merriam, PhD (07/21/2016)
A Slice of History, Musing on Religion, Frans Koning (08/18/16)
Government Control Of News, Corydon B. Dunham (3/17)
My Struggle, David Hult (07/21/16)
Seven Keys To Surviving The Trump Presidency, Kiran Dintyala, MD, MPH, ABIHM (3/17)

The Rantings of an Uneducated Reactionary, Oscar J. Phillips (06/16)
The Subversive Utopia, Yasir Sakr (10/16)
Think Moderates!: Recasting Public Debate to Feature Moderates & Solutions, Milton King (10/15/16)




A Quest for Healing, Dr. Raymond (5/17)
Beginning French, Les Americains (09/2016)
Better Informed, Charles Williams (08/18/16)
Beyond the Quest to Become a Physician, Robert E. Burke, MD (4/17)
Cats I've Known, Katie Haegele (3/17)
From Prisoner to PhD, Anthony Baxter (09/2016)
Going Sane! One Word at a Time: Early Years and Travel, Bob the Kid Daniels (12/2016)
Great (True) Hot Shot Stories Volume I, Ned F. Cruey, (05/17)
Lost in the Woods: Building a Life UP North by Richard Hill (6/17)
Mukti: Free to Be Born Again, Sachi G. Dastidar (09/2016)
My Ship-The American Dream, Abelardo De La Peña (3/17)
Of God, Rattlesnakes & Okra, J. Bennett Easterling (10/16)
Perspective, David Meakes, (08/2016)
Road to Damascus, Elaine Rippey Imady (10/2016)
They Paid Me For This?, David Coppage (11/16)
Trudge On, Soul: An Adventure, Warren R. Henke (3/17)
Unstuck: One Heroine's Journey of Art and the Courage to Live on Purpose, Vicki Todd (07/21/2016)

New Age


Parenting, Families, Relationships

The Rabbit Culture, Tito Capaldo (10/15/16)

Pets, Animals, Nature

What to Expect When Adopting a Dog, Diane Rose-Solomon, (09/2016)
Surviving Cancer, Healing People: One Cat's Story, Sula, Parish Cat at Old Mission (10/15/16)


Dancing on Dewdrops, Mark John Terranova (11/16/2015)
My Truths: A Collection, Michelle Farmer Anderson (10/15/16)
Soulful Transitions, Lorena Munoz - (09/16)
The Hour Wasp by Jay Sheets (6/17)


30 Days Of Hope For Adoptive Parents, Jennifer Phillips (3/17)
At That Moment, Dawn Marie Nappi, PhD (09/16)
Everybody's Little Book of Everyday Prayers, Cynthia Macgregor (10/16)
How to Get Happy & Stay That Way, Joanna Romer (10/2016)

Justice Revealed: A Cop Discovers God's Impartial Fairness, Jim McNeff (07/21/16)
Living in Blue Sky Mind, Richard Gentei Diedrichs (10/16)
Missed Opportunities: Rethinking Catholic Tradition, Gabriel Moran (09/16)
Passport to Heavenly Eternal Life, Camilo Graza (08/18/16)
The CARE Effect, David Crosby (06/16)
The House and the Hedge, Stuart W. Leigh (07/21/16)
The Listening Book, James Webb (10/15/16)

The Second Listening Book, James Webb (10/15/16)
The Voice of Creation, J. Hudson Mitchell (07/21/16)
This Side of the Whirlwind: The Coming Apocalypse, Steven R. Harrel (09/16)
"You Know BC And AD Here Is BS!", Elisa Guajardo Carothers (3/17)

Self-help, Inspiration, Lifestyle

57 Steps To Paradise, Patricia Lorenz (10/16)
A Path to Enlightenment, C. Fujii, M.Ed. (08/18/16)
A Woman's Guide to Self-Nurturing, Joanna Romer (10/16)
Anxiety Anonymous: The Big Book on Anxiety Addiction, Dennis Ortman, PhD. (10/15/16)
Building Smarter Organizations, Gordon Vala - Webb (1/17)
Creating A Healthy Work Environment, Cathy Jameson, PhD (10/15/16)
Go West: 10 Principles That Guided My Cowboy Journey, Jeremy Sparks (11/2016)
Hack-Proof Your Life Now!, Sean M. Bailey and Devin Kropp (12/2016)
How to Get Happy & Stay That Way, Joanna Romer (10/16)
How My Cat Made Me a Better Man, Jeremy Feig (10/16)

Journey To 50, Laurie Russell (11/16)
Living Well with Chronic Illness, Joanna J. Charnas, LICSW, LCSW (10/16)
Project Addiction: The Complete Guide to Using, Abusing & Recovering, Scott A. Spackey (07/21/2016)
Regret-Free Living, Scot Sellers (ARC) (07/28/2016)
Road Map to Power, Dr. Syed Arshad Husain & A. Darius Husain (10/15/16)
Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems, Betsy Beyer, Chris Jones, Jennifer Petoff & Niall Richard Murphy (10/15/16)
The 3T Path: Self-Improvement and Self-Realization in Yoga, Giridhari Das, (4/17)
The Best Investment Is Within One's Self, Dr. Carrie Register-Haley (11/16)
The Optimistic Food Addict, Christina Fisanick Greer, Ph.D. (10/16)
The Rose & the Sword, Judith Bach, Ph.D. & Nanette Hucknall (10/16)
The Secret of Life, Garrett Joseph Toren (09/2016)
The Seven Wisdoms of Life, Shai Tubali (10/16)
The Untethered Relationship, Chris G. Moon, (4/17)
The Widower's Guide to a New Life, Joanna Romer (10/16)
The Worry-Free Mind, Carol Kershaw, EdD and Bill Wade, PhD (3/17)
Think Wrong, John Bielenberg, Mike Burn, and Greg Galle, with Evitts Dickinson (3/17)

Understanding the Critic, Kacee Quinelle (10/16)
Understanding the Seeker, Kacee Quinelle (10/16)
Widow A Survival Guide for the First Year, Joanna Romer (10/16)
Wild Ideas: Creativity from the Inside Out, Cathy Wild (4/17)
Winner's Wisdom, John Schmidt (07/21/16)


Dancing at Angel Abbey, Lauren M. Bloom (10/15/16)
How To Live From Your Heart, Nanette V. Hucknall (10/15/16)
Integrated Healing, Rev. Michael C. Gadway D.C. (3/17)
The Power Of A Woman, Amilliah Kenya (3/17)
When You're Shoved from the Right, Look to Your Left, Omar Imady (10/16)


King James Brings The Land a Crown, Chris Parker (10/16)


Travel, Adventure

Manhattan Shop Window Mannequins, Roy K. Iwaki (07/21/16)

True Crime

The Testimony Of A Villain, Aaron G. Harrell (3/17)