Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural





Choose to Rise: The Victory Within (06/17)
Sovereignty: He Lied For Your Sins, Rhys Hagan (1/18)
The Beauty Doctor, Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard - ARC - (9/17)
When Darkness Comes, by John Anthony Miller (11/17)




A Deadly Eclair by Daryl Wood Gerber (11/17)
A Police Action, AA Freda (1/18)
A Spy in the Ruins, Christopher Bernard (1/18)
Deros by John A. Vanek (11/17)
Desert Kill Switch by Mark S. Bacon (11/17)
Habitat for Human Remains, Scott A. Lerner (9/17)
Let the Dead Bury the Dead, David Carlson, (ARC) (6/17)
Mink Eyes, Max McBride ARC (1/18)
Murder of a Good Man, Teresa Trent (9/17)
Murder on Pea Pike by Jean Harrington (6/17)
River City Dead, Nancy G. West, (6/17)
Six Dogs 'Til Sunday, Lia Farrell (1/18)
Srepska by Lucas Sterling (11/17)
That Weekend in Albania, Peter J. Meehan (09/2016)
The 5 Manners of Death by Darden North (6/17)
The Devil and The Muse, Mandy Jackson-Beverly (9/17)
The Golden Hour, M.K. Graff (9/17)
The Hapsburg Variation, ARC, Bill Rapp (7/17)
The Nutting Girl by Fred DeVecca (6/17)
The Wingman, David Pepper (1/18)
Velvet on a Tuesday Afternoon, Clive Rosengren (9/17)
Written Off by Sheila Lowe (11/17)


Andermatt County: Two Parables, Pam Jones (1/18)
Birds of Wonder, Cynthia Robinson (ARC) (1/18)
Can You See Anything Now?, Katherine James (1/18)
Tears Before Exhaltation, Fidelis Mkparu (ARC - Not on Amazon)(1/18)
Tenuous Tendrils, Tom Corbett (9/17)
Title 13, Michael A. Ferro (ARC) (9/17)
The Go-Backer by Peter Decker (11/17)
Voyage to a Phantom City, Christopher Bernard (1/18)
W: A Novel, John Banks (1/18)


Religion, Spirituality

Dethroning God, Dr. Larry Ivan Vass (1/18)
Profane Fire at the Altar of the Lord, ARC Copy, Dennis Maley (7/17)


Best of Luck, Corinne Scott (1/18)
Burning Timber by Baynns M. Finnleigh (11/17)
Grains of Truth by Elizabeth Ferry-Perata (11/17)
The Jester's Dance, Leslie Hachtel (7/17)

Science Fiction

Dead Links, Joshua Ingle (1/18)
Doctor How and the Alien Invasion by Mark Speed (11/17)
The God Scrolls, Michael J. Rhodes (ARC) Not on Amazon (7/17)
When Gods War by F. Howard Bilings (11/17)

Short Stories



Art/ Entertainment

Dance Across the USA, Jonathan Givens, (1/18)


Chocolatology by Angel York and Darin Wick (11/17)





History, Science, Politics, Social Issues

Bikequity, by Elly Blue (11/17)
Talking Sense About Politics, Jack Meacham (9/17)




A Few Minor Adjustments (ARC not on Amazon), Cherie Kephart (7/17)
Lost in the Woods: Building a Life UP North by Richard Hill (6/17)
Risks, William Classen (9/17)
Song of Praise for a Flower: One Woman's Journey through China's Tumultuous 20th Century, Fengxian Chu, (1/18)
Wartime Vignettes: A Boyhood Memoir of World War II and of Its Aftermath, T. A. Dolotta (1/18)

New Age


Parenting, Families, Relationships


Pets, Animals, Nature

All Hands On Pet! by Susan E. Davis (11/17)
Devotion: Humans and Their Four-Legged Soulmates by Dobie Houson (11/17)


Breakfast at the Good Hope Home, Mike Bayles (07/17)
Chien Lunatique, Christopher Bernard (1/18)
The Hour Wasp by Jay Sheets (6/17)


All Shall be Well, Hilda St. Clair (1/18)
At Home in this Life: Finding Peace at the Crossroads of Unraveled Dreams and Beautiful Surprises , Jerusalem Jackson Greer (1/18)
The Spirituality of Awe by Kirk J. Schneider (11/17)


Adventure North, Sean Bloomfield (9/17)
Creating a Season to Remember, Jack Perconte (7/17)


Travel, Adventure

Livin' From the Amsterdam Red Light to the African Bush, Frankie Hogan (ARC) (07/17)


True Crime


Writing for Bliss, Diana Raab, Ph.D. (7/17)