Current list of books pending review

Note: We review all categories (except textbooks). Listed below are only the categories with books currently pending review.



Run Out the Guns, Anthony Barton (1/19)
Taming the Twisted 2: Reconstructing Rain, Jodie Toohey (7/18)
The Leper Messiah by R.M.L. (10/18)
The Way of Glory, Patricia J. Boomsma (1/19)


Please Let Me Help, Zack Sternwalker (12/18)


True Trans Bike Rebel - Taking the Lane #15, Lydia Rogue (1/19)


Cash Money: Take it Back 2, D. Ray Thomas (ARC) (5/18)
Chanting the Feminine Down, James C. McCullagh (8/18)
Dark Inheritance, PB Lawson (1/19)
Development, Paul Backalenick (1/19)
Fire in the Rectory, Stan Freeman (ARC, not on Amazon) 12/18)
Fool’s Moon, Diane A.S. Stuckart (11/18)
Gold Fire, Ed Mitchell (5/18)
Honolulu Heat, Rosemary & Larry Mild (10/18)
Moira Ashe: Enemy Within, Brendon Bertram (5/18)
Murder in the Crooked Eye Brewery, J.C. Eaton (9/18)
Murder on Moon Mountain, Jean Harrington (9/18)
Night Rain, Tokyo, John W. Feist (7/18)
One Taste Too Many, Debra H. Goldstein (1/19)
Race for the Mind, Daniel Gerard Welch (12/18)
Red Stick Two, Kenneth Kirkeby (6/18)
Secret Agent Angel, Ray Sutherland (1/19)
Spirit of the Fox, Matthew O'Connell (ARC - Not on Amazon) (9/18)
Steel Wind, Jeff Edwards (7/18)
The Sicilian Woman’s Daughter, Linda Lo Scuro (10/18)
The Torch Betrayal, Glenn Dyer (9/18)
The Watch on the Fencepost, Kay DiBianca (119)
Then Came Darkness, D.H. Schleicher (12/18)

novel/general fiction

Ashes in a Coconut, Bo Kearns (1/19)
Individutopia: A Novel Set in a Neoliberal Dystopia, Joss Sheldon (8/18)
Literature, Guillermo Stitch (6/18)
Shirtless Men Drink Free, Dwaine Rieves (1/19)


#snapshot, Hannah Harris & Marcus Harris (5/18)
Pet Loss Poems: To Heal Your Heart and Soul, Wendy Van de Poll (1/19)

Religion, Spirituality(fiction)

Innocence Denied, Mike Garrett (1/19)


Forgetting My Way Back to You, Karina Bartow (10/18)
Seventeen Days, Linda Griffin (1/19)

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Archaeopteryx, Dan Darling (6/18)
Fortitude Rising, A.M. Bochnak (9/18)
The Apotheosis, Darrell Lee (ARC not on Amazon) 12/18)
The Architect’s Key, Edward E. Evans (10/18)
The Infinity of Roads, Robert Gryn (10/18)
The Passion Season, Libby Doyle (12/18)
The Stars Entwined (The Aryshan War Book 1), Jon Del Arroz (4/18)
Two Skies Before Night, Robert Gryn (1/19)

Short Stories/Anthologies/Essays

Bikes Not Rockets, edited by Elly Blue (12/18)
I Don’t Belong Here: Essays, Melissa Grunow (1/19)
Lake Superior Tales: Stories of Humor and Adventure in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Mikel B. Classen (1/19)
Love Can Be: A Literary Collection about Our Animals, edited by Louisa McCune and Teresa Miller (11/18)
Skull & Pestle: New Tales of Baba Yaga, edited by Kate Wolford (10/18)


arts, entertainment

Jagdlied: A Chamber Novel, Dolly Gray Landon & Gary Lloyd Noland (12/18)

Business, leadership, Money, Real Estate

Get the Heck Out of Our Way!, Dale W. Cox (6/18)
Go. No Go.: Is Your Business Idea Ready to Launch?, Lauri Harrison (1/19)
Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance: A Values-Based Framework for Reinventing Leadership in Uncertain Times, Yvette Bethel (1/19)
Public Speaking Super Powers!, Carma Spence (12/18)
Redesign the Reality of Your Finances, Marc Barlow (1/19)
Small Mistakes, Big Consequences, Anne Corley Baum (10/18)
The Duck and The Butterfly, Natalie Michael (6/18)
The Imaginary Economy: A New Conception, Mario Fabbri (7/18)
The Mystyery Shopper Training Program, Bethany Mooradian (1/19)
The Unconventional Thinking of Dominant Companies, Jim Bramlett (10/18)
Salvaged by Roy Goble (10/18)
You Can Invest Like a Stock Market Pro, James Pattersenn Jr. (ARC - Not on Amazon)(6/18)


We Can Do It: A Community Takes on the Challenge of School Desegregation, Michael T. Gengler (9/18)


Anxiety: The Inside Story, Niall McLaren, MD. (1/19)
Crack the Code, Louis Bezich (1/19)
Defining You, Fiona Murden (1/19)
Sicker Fatter Poorer, Leonardo Trasande, MD (1/19)

History, Science, Politics, Social Issues

Bicycle/Race: Transportation, Culture, & Resistance, Adonia E. Lugo, PhD (5/18)
Islam: Europe Invaded America Warned, Hege Storhaug (12/18)
Long Live Freedom!: Traute Lafrenz and the White Rose, Peter Normann Waage (10/18)
Second-Wave Millennials, Warren Wright (1/19)
Thrown Upon the World, George Kolber, Charles Kolber (10/18)


Back Story Alaska, Lance Brewer (8/18)
Confessions of a Clueless Rebel, Tom Corbett (12/18)
Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary, Susan Braudy - ARC - Not on Amazon (1/19)
Lost Without the River, Barbara Hoffbeck Scoblic (ARC Copy) (1/19)
Maharishi & Me: Seeking Enlightenment with the Beatles' Guru, Susan Shumsky (1/19)
Two Years of Wonder, Ted Neill (1/19)
Victoria’s Voice, David and Jackie Siegel (1/19)
Why Me?, Mike Mountz (1/19)

Self-help, Inspiration, Lifestyle

Lemongrass Spa: Soul-Soothing Stories of Cancer Survivors, Heidi Leist (6/18)
Making Life Work for You: A Manual for a Fulfilling Life, John Schmidt (4/18)
Making Sense of the Chaos: A Call to Action, Bobbie Stevens, PhD (4/18)
The Easy Way to Enlightenment, Leigh Ann Kittell (12/18)
The Essential Addiction Recovery Companion, Richard A. Singer, Jr. (1/19)

religion/Spirituality (non-fiction)

Living Beloved, Erin Hawley (10/18)
Understanding the Jesus Code, Carolyn Berghuis (1/19)

sports and outdoors

Where the Wind Heals, Ari Schneider (12/18)