Suddenly Real

Destiny Abumchi
Destiny Abumchi (2014)
ISBN: 9780991602803
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (12/14)

“Suddenly Real” by Destiny Abumchi is a sweet romance involving love against all odds.  When President Kenny Young loses his wife to a tragic disease, he numbs his grief with long hours and hard work at the oval office.  After some time passes, and worn down by the constant pressure from his mother and friends, President Young decides to give love another chance, only to be betrayed.  This time he vows never to love again, but fate has other plans.  A recurring dream feels impossibly real to President Young and he launches a search for the woman in his dreams, convinced that she is real and is the person he has been looking for his entire life – his soul mate.  Alexis Mmala is a Georgetown University student who came to America after winning the diversity visa lottery.  Alexis is having a recurring dream of her own about her prince and soul mate.  Will President Young and Alexis have the resolve and commitment it takes to pursue their dreams, impossible as they might seem?

I was charmed by the description of the story, and am a sucker for a far-out romance so I jumped at the chance to read this book.  I found it to be a nice light-hearted read, although a bit far-fetched and at times a bit too sappy for my taste.  That being said, it is a fictional romance novel so anything goes, right?

I found the character development to be in line with the story for the most part, however some of the sub-plots did not play though to fruition in my opinion.  There are a couple of different antagonists in the story whose drama just seemed to fizzle out.  It could be the intention of the author to focus more on the “love-story” but if you are going to throw in a couple bad guys then some follow through is necessary.

Overall I enjoyed reading “Suddenly Real” by Destiny Abumchi.  It was a nice relaxing feel-good fairy tale read, steered towards a younger adult audience.