Ian Acheson 
Lion Fiction (2013) 
ISBN 9781782640028 
Reviewed by Tamra LeValley for Reader Views (08/13)

Three bombings with hundreds of people dead and no one is taking the blame. Three people who have survived the first events have been brought together by the angels to help stop the biggest and most fatal event from happening. The supernatural world has come to be a part of these events.

The Angelguards are in a race to prevent the most heinous crime in Germany at the Summit 8 meeting, while the demons are out to destroy as many humans as possible, even if it is the bad guys who are planning and implementing these tragic events. "Angelguard" by Ian Acheson is a Christian fantasy crime novel that is action packed with one event leading into another. The cast is all middle age business types who have sacrificed and become pillars of their communities. These angels garner their strength from all prayers that are sent their way to help stop another tragedy from occurring.

This book has a lot of bible verses, people giving their lives to God for the first time and written prayers. If you are uncomfortable with reading about real relationships with God then this book is not for you; however, if you like to read a good Christian fiction then sit back and enjoy. I was a bit lost in the beginning of this book. There was no lead up to events because you were in the middle of one from the first sentence. I also did not know that the character Theirry was an African American; I believe the author needed to take a little bit more time in his descriptions of the characters. Also, sometimes the writing was bland and lagged a bit. Once I got past the first 50 pages I really started to like this book because of the plot. Ian Acheson went from one scenario to another smoothly which made the book flow.

As the plot unfolded it became clear what was going to happen so there were not many surprises at the end, but for this book it worked well. Overall, I think the author needed to write the characters with a little more detail and make the scenes become clear before the action begins so that readers can follow more easily. However, I did like how I came to connect with the characters and how the plot unfolded. "Angelguard" by Ian Acheson is an Angels vs Demons story for those who like a good Christian read.

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