John Wendell Adams
AMS (2014)
ISBN 9780990365099
Reviewed by Ben Green for Reader Views (03/15)

“Betrayal” by John Wendell Adams is slow to start, but once you get past the daddy issues and the setup you get a page turner that is easy to read. Adams spends a lot of time to set up the story of “Betrayal” and while it is never difficult to read it does seem to prattle on for a while before it actually get to the good stuff.  The further into the book you go the more you wonder if and when anything is actually going to happen. When it finally does, and it does take a while you realize that the main conflict of the book comes from the main characters coworker, who is attempting to have an affair with him, and his CEO who is being investigated for sketchy business practices. 

Ultimately all the conflicts introduced throughout “Betrayal” are resolved rather easily.  The book does succeed at following one man through corporate America as he attempts to be good and honest. “Betrayal” seems to suggest that you can be a good, loyal, and honest employee who can reach the upper levels of corporate America and still maintain successful relationships outside of work. There is some character development but not much. The main character has some father issues that are mentioned early on in the book, but for the most part the characters seem very one dimensional.

“Betrayal” by John Wendell Adams might be a good read for those taking an ethics course or hope to begin a successful career doing honest work. Those currently working corporate jobs may find it an inspirational read. I think that labeling this book as a thriller is misleading and may actually keep the audience it was meant for from discovering it. If you are very interested in business management or you are looking for a fictional role model for how to be maintain integrity in the workplace then this could be the book for you. It is a short easy to ready story which can be finished in about a day.

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