Tantra (The Anu Files, Volume 1)

Apeejay Stya Publishing (2013)
ISBN 9788190863629
Reviewed by Karma Rose for Reader Views (12/13)

“Tantra” by Adi is Volume 1 in “The Anu Files” series. Following the skilled vampire hunter Anu, Tantra takes us from New York, a familiarity most Western city-dwellers are, on some level, able to relate to, dropping us into New Dehli, India. As our own Western-raised heroine explores this culture and its differences, we learn, alongside her, to discover these subtleties. From the simplest of social endeavors such as dating to the more complex nuances of the spiritual and metaphysical aspects, Anu’s ideas of the world go through more than a perspective change before it’s all over. An adventure well worth the effort.

I was sad, however, for both the author and their story that the writing was very characteristic of many debut novels in that I was frequently detached, despite its valiant efforts that kept pulling me back, like a bipolar reader-novel relationship. What grammatical errors there were are easily overlooked, barely halting the flow of a scene as it reaches its Peak - an encouraging sign that both author and editor were so deep in their project that the error went beyond their notice – a detail I can always admire in a novel.

All in all, “Tantra” by Adi was a good first novel, and an entertaining read for those with an interest in supernatural novels. I felt it was worth my time, and would certainly love to read more by Adi as his writing career progresses, with new or old characters.

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