The Barami Legends - Book I: Discovery

Dean Alexander
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781478705093
Reviewed by Julia Martinec for Reader Views (2/14)

“The Barami Legends - Book 1: Discovery” by Dean Alexander begins with a small expedition crew in the uncharted jungle of South America looking for a lost place where multiple civilization’s once dwelled. Jonathan, the main character, was told enchanting stories from an old recluse woman on the island of Florida, of a place where multiple ancient tribes of people lived together. His intrigue and fascination with the woman’s story lands him in another world where creatures of the past and creatures unknown collide. Will he be able to save the people of this world and defeat the evil creatures known as Gorts?

Though the book had an enticing adventure it could have used a better lead into the main story. It just jumped into the story with no real background information on how this crazy adventure even really started, or why the main character even decided to trek through the jungle looking for this lost ancient place. The main character was never really identified until the end of the third chapter where we finally learned his name. Other than that, the story was well done and made me want to read the rest.

Dean Alexander has done a wonderful job in creating this other world through story telling. He has combined fantasy, action and adventure into one spell binding story. His use of description and his knowledge of ancient civilizations intrigued my imagination and painted a vivid image of the adventure in my mind.  The story ended with an unbearable cliff-hanger and my need to read the second book in the series is overwhelming!  If you want an entertaining, action packed adventure in another world “The Barami Legends - Book 1: Discovery” is the perfect book to read.  

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