Breaking Eggs: Finding New Meaning with Chronic Illness

Lucia Amsden
Outskirts Press (2012)
ISBN 9781432796105
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (12/13)


“Breaking Eggs: Finding New Meaning with Chronic Illness” by Lucia Amsden is a beautiful story about a woman’s experience with the chronic illness rheumatoid arthritis, but it is also so much more than that. The author creates hope and beauty among the daily pain that plagues the life of so many with chronic illness.

Although I have not had the experience of a chronic illness in my life so far, I found myself using the relaxation, breathing and imagery techniques the author shares in the book. There is one breathing technique that I have already used several times in a variety of circumstances where taking in more oxygen and relaxing myself were very beneficial. The powerful techniques Ms. Amsden shares are useful for anyone in all sorts of situations. I was pleasantly surprised at how I could immediately use this book to better my life, even without a chronic illness.

Lucia Amsden’s personal story is compelling as well. She opens up about how painful and terrifying her story was, and how she learned to deal with her situation and empower herself instead of wither and crumble. She is sensitive and caring, unlike the doctors she dealt with who had delivered the news of her illness to her with no emotion. She walks the reader through her personal stages of grief as she faced the fact that her life and health would no longer be the same. She inspires us as she comes out of it determined to create a positive life for herself.

I highly recommend “Breaking Eggs: Finding New Meaning with Chronic Illness” by Lucia Amsden to anyone suffering from chronic illness, and also anyone wanting techniques to create more relaxation and peace in his or her life. I know I was greatly affected by reading this book and I will keep it handy so I have quick access to all the great ideas that are already so useful in my life.

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