High Seas Darkness

Burr B. Anderson
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478735939
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (1/15)

“High Seas Darkness” by Burr B. Anderson is a fast-paced mystery/thriller that takes place on the high seas on Matisse Under the Stars, one of the luxury cruise liners in the Nobility Cruise Line fleet. Brick Morgan, a private maritime investigator is called aboard the Matisse by Yvette Fuentes, the Chief Security Office of the ship, and Brick’s old flame, to investigate a malicious sex crime.    Soon after solving this case, a deadly terrorist plot that threatens the entire fleet of cruise ships is discovered and Brick is called back to the Matisse to stop the radical fundamentalists before it’s too late.  As Brick informs the FBI and Homeland Security, he runs up against roadblocks.  Roadblocks in the form of an American president with a weak stance on the ongoing War on Terror, who hopes to bury the truth about the attack by sinking the Matisse, and sacrificing the souls on board under the guise of world peace.

This was definitely an action packed, suspenseful, high-speed read.  I loved the plot – Anderson takes us behind the scenes and shows us the perspective of a cruise from the staff’s perspective which is far from the glitz and glamour advertised to the public.  We get a glimpse of how little the people know of the intricacies of the government and are invited into the minds and mentalities of terrorists. The listing of the cast of characters located in the beginning of the book as especially helpful – I found myself referring to it many times throughout the story for clarification.

The characters were appropriately developed for the story line, however I did not find myself able to relate to, or like any of them with great reverence.  I was less than charmed by our hero, and heroine for that matter, and their relationship with each other was a bit disconnected in my opinion.  Some of the characters had quirks I found a bit degrading and sexist but perhaps that was the intention.

Overall, I enjoyed reading “High Seas Darkness” by Burr B. Anderson and recommend it to all lovers of a good maritime mystery.

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