The Farm

Charles C. Anderson
Outskirts Press (2012)
ISBN 9781432790936

Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (2/13)

Charles C. Anderson’s “The Farm” begins when Harrison, the director of the CIA, sends a team of Navy Seals to Saudi Arabia to kill the Arabian prince. When they arrive in Saudi Arabia their helicopter crashes due to a sand storm, killing everyone except Andy Carlton. Andy continues with the mission by himself on foot through the desert towards the intersection site picked by Harrison where he was to find the camels and water supply. But, when he finally arrived, he found the camels and water had been poisoned.  He continues by foot realizing that someone is following. When he kills him, he discovered that his stalker was his usual point of contact in other Arabian missions. He decided to continue nonetheless and attacks the palace.

During the attack, as everyone flees, a sixteen-year-old sex slave held at the palace told Andy that Harrison had been there visiting the prince and made a deal to buy a Russian nuclear weapon. Andy realized that the purchased nuclear weapon was supposed to be dismantled as part of the Russian and U.S. agreement. Disappointed and feeling betrayed by the Government, Andy calls the Arabian Royal family letting them know about the Bomb, then called Harrison and quits. He took the 16-year-old sex slave who had nowhere to go and adopts her as he retired back to his family farm in Virginia, practicing ER medicine. Nope, this is not the end…it is the beginning of an unexpected and thrilling story of a man being targeted by the President of the United States with the CIA and a Russian Arms dealer.

Charles C. Anderson produced a well-written, action-driven and intriguing story that pulled me in from the beginning making feel part of the action. The focus on his farm and how Andy utilized it to his benefit to defend himself was awesome and unique. The only negative I have about the author’s writing was when it came to the historical background of his farm. I found it just a little repetitive and that pulled me a little out from the story. However, it was still an awesome read.

I recommend “The Farm” by Charles C. Anderson to everyone who enjoys military action thrillers and some American history background. This is definitely a 5-star book.

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